Portable Cribs

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If you understand how to identify good quality portable cribs, you will find that they can be extremely helpful especially when you are limited for space or want to take your baby on a trip. There are a wide variety of portable cribs available on the market and you don’t have to settle on one particular style.

Many of the portable cribs that you’ll find are made of wood and look somewhat like a normal crib. Dream on Me and the American Baby Company are manufacturers that create these. There are also variations like the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib that is made almost entirely of soft material. It has the advantage of being very light weight and will probably be more comfortable for your child. They do cost more, but many parents find that it is worth the money to get portable cribs with this kind of construction. 

Don’t mistake mini cribs for portable cribs; while there is some overlap in these two categories a mini crib is simply one that is a smaller while portable cribs can be taken down easily. If you try to use a mini crib on the road it will only lead to frustration.

Educate yourself a little about the things that separate good portable cribs from ones that are mediocre or even dangerous. The first thing is probably to check the mattress pad. The maximum thickness should only be 1 inch. Anything thicker and there may be a concern about your child suffering from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Check the materials that are used in the construction. If there is netting on portable cribs, it should be very tight. No more than 1/4 inch holes should be present so that small children cannot get their fingers caught in them. If you’re looking at portable cribs that come with bedding, make sure that it is made out of the right kind of material; 100% cotton is the best you can do.

Make sure that you thoroughly check the hinges on the types of portable cribs that are wooden and have a section that will slide down. Also check the overall construction so that there is no possibility that the crib can fall in against itself and injure a baby.

One area where you should exercise extreme caution is if you are shopping for portable cribs that are used. It is a possibility that they have been subjects to a recall and you should thoroughly do your homework to make sure that they were not, or that the issue has been addressed. If you have the budget for it is much better to purchase portable cribs new.

If you are thinking of going on a trip, you might want to put any children that will be staying in portable cribs in them long before you leave. It might not be possible to return the product if your baby doesn’t like it or if it appears to be unsafe but it is much better to know before you leave on your holiday instead of finding out the hard way when you can’t do anything about it.


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