Take Action, Eradicate Terrorism

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Once again India has been targeted by terrorists, as they have blastedthree consecutive bombs in the commercial capital of the country.Serial bomb blasts at Bombay on 13th July has proved once again thatIndia is vulnerable to terrorists time and again. Innocent peoplehave been losing their lives not for their own fault.

Terrorists were targeting Indian cities one after the other forbombing, but, Bombay is their prime target because of its commercialimportance. Bombay is the commercial capital of India, and almost allmajor commercial establishments have their corporate offices in thecity. It is the India’s most populous city and the city never sleeps.In July 13th blast 20 people have been killed, and more than 120people have been injured.

Why Indian cities were becoming targetedtime and again by terrorists. One thing is very clear when we take thepresent scenario into consideration. Indian government is not takingstringent measures to curb terrorist activities, just for politicalgain.

Now, congress led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) is in power, andits soft attitude, and policies towards terrorists encouraged them toact more. Take an example of USA, which took military actionagainst Afghanistan, and Iraq to curb terrorist activities just after9/11 attacks. In recent fast, it killed Al-Khaeeda chief bin Laden,who was hidden in Pakistan in a military action. In addition, ittightened security measures as well as enacted several policies to acttough against terrorists.

But, in India government is not so aggressive in curbing terroristactivities in its soil. Its laws against terrorism were not tough aslike in western countries. Moreover, political leaders across theparties engaged in mud slugging against each other, instead offighting unitedly to root out terrorism. This may be the main reasonfor growing terrorism in the country.

Vote bank politics is one major reason for not implementing tough lawagainst terrorism. Political parties including ruling Congress wereengaged in vote bank politics, and always try to woo minority votes.They think if they enacted tough law against terrorists, they wouldlose votes from minority base.  Ajmal Kasab, is one such example.Supreme Court has already awarded death sentence to Ajmal Kasab, whois the lone surviving Pakistani gunman in the 2008 Mumbai terrorattack. But, even after two years, his death sentence had not beencarried out, and he is still in prison. Virtually government hasfailed to carry out the courts’ order. So terrorists were utilizingthis weakness, and striking time and again.At least now, government has to take firm step to curb terroristactivities, and save the lives of innocent people from the fist ofterrorists. They are not humans, as they have already lost theirhumanity, and shows cruelty against human beings. They should betreated hardly to eradicate terrorism from the soil.



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