Keyless Entry System Batteries For Your Car

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Most of the modern day cars come with keyless door locks that use different kinds of keyless entry system batteries. These keyless entry systems definitely are much safer for your vehicles reducing the chances of theft. If you are looking to install one on your car, you will soon find out that there are several keyless entry system batteries as well as systems.

A number of manufacturers make these keyless entry systems including EveryReady, Room Safe and Panic Door. It is important to know the brand of your keyless lock when you are ordering the keyless entry system batteries.

Some common types of keyless entry system batteries are alkaline, NiMH and NiCD. The latter batteries are metal based and pack more power than the alkaline ones. In fact the lithium ion keyless entry system batteries are the most powerful of the lot. These Li-ion batteries also last 10 times more than the other kinds of batteries. Most of the new keyless door locks come equipped with these li-ion batteries.

Keyless entry system batteries are not expensive and you can get one for about $20. It is possible though that due to an electrical failure or problem, the entire unit may have to be replaced. The remotes for most of these systems are quite inexpensive; some could, however, cost more than $100. Whenever you are looking to purchase a door lock system, it therefore makes sense to factor in the price for the remote.

There are a number of advantages of a keyless entry system for a vehicle owner. You can get insurance breaks with added features like battery shut off. This feature ensures that the vehicle cannot start without being unlocked by the keyless entry system.

There is another amazing feature of these keyless entry systems that allows you to start the engine remotely. This means that on a cold day, you can warm up the engine without even stepping out since the car engine can start without putting the keys in the car’s ignition!

Due to these and other advantages of a keyless door lock for the vehicle, a number of car owners are increasingly opting for it. In order to maintain the entry system, it is essential that you purchase the right kind of keyless entry system batteries. Long lasting quality keyless entry system batteries will ensure that the system functions for a longer period.


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