Know Your AC Adaptors

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Some call it a boon while some feel it is more of a bane but no one can ignore the contribution of the AC Adaptor. Travel, both domestic as well as international has become an integral part of modern life. As we evolve, it is seen that we depend more and more on electrical devices. While we depend on these devices, they in turn depend upon the AC Adaptor to keep going. Most countries especially the ones on separate continents do not follow the same rules on electrical outlets and power sockets. An AC Adaptor helps a traveler overcome such differences and keeps the common electrical devices running.

What is an AC Adaptor?

An AC Adaptor is basically a small transformer which converts alternating waves of current to direct current. You may ask why this is important. Well this is important because most electrical devices run on direct current. Additionally, an AC Adaptor is essential for devices which do not have their own power supply unit. It is like running an electrical device with a power unit which is outside the body of the device. This is good because an AC Adaptor helps take heat away from the body of the device.

AC Adaptors vary and are most commonly differentiated based on the size of the transformer. Bigger the transformer, greater is the amount of electrical load that the AC Adaptor can carry.

What benefits does an AC Adaptor give me?

1) An AC Adaptor keeps your electrical devices safe from varying electrical fluctuations. All countries do not adhere to the same power supply guidelines and the AC Adaptor helps you overcome these differences.

2) When you travel, you would need the use of your common electrical devices. Most such devices do not have their own power supply unit. An AC Adaptor serves as the power supply unit for such devices. This saves money for you as you don’t end up having to keep purchasing small electrical devices when you travel. A one time investment in a good AC Adaptor will serve you for a long time.

3) An AC Adaptor can be reused for many devices.

Where can I find genuine AC Adaptors?

Genuine AC Adaptors can be found in electrical stores and can also be purchased online. There are many manufacturers like Dell, HP Compaq, Toshiba, Sony, Acer and Apple which sell AC Adaptors of a wide range.


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