Purchasing Guide For Air Compressor

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An air compressor is a useful household tool. Its uses vary from powering pneumatic tools to functions like inflating tires and inflatable goods. While the average household does require these functions on a regular basis, it is wise to consider what exactly your applications are going to be before you actually purchase an air compressor. Putting money on an air compressor can be an investment or a waste of funds depending upon what factors you consider.

What specifications should I look out for in an air compressor?

There are many types of air compressors out in the market depending upon the frequency they need to be used with and also the type of work they need to be used for. Some features of a good air compressor are listed below. You can make your air compressor work like a valuable piece of equipment if you choose wisely.

1) Consider your work area and how your air compressor is going to be used. Is the space closed and your location fixed or would you need to be portable? If you are looking for portability and light uses then a portable air compressor will suit your need.

2) What kind of power source are you going to depend upon? Do you have limitations on electric supply? If the answer is yes, then look for an air compressor which can run on alternative sources of fuel like petrol, diesel and even natural gas.

3) Do I go for an air compressor with oil less functioning or a compressor which uses oil for its functioning? It depends upon the volume of work that you have. If you have heavy duty and continuous use then a lubricated model will work best while if you have minimum use then an oil less model will work fine too.

4) Is the tank size of the air compressor also a differentiating factor? Not really. You need to understand that the size and efficiency of the motor pump is the differentiating factor. The amount of compressed air supplied depends upon the motor. However if your air compressor is going to be used continuously for long hours and is going to feed many devices then a large tank helps.

5) Consider an air compressor which has a decent purchase price with easy availability of spare parts. Also warranty on the product and service or replacement guarantees will be very helpful.


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