Lcd Flat Panels The Right Choice

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When making up your mind to buy a home theater, many questions pop-up about what to choose. Which type of television to choose is the biggest decision you may have to make. LCD flat panel and Plasma televisions are most preferred in the United States. If you choose to buy a LCD television, there are a few pros and cons to be considered. Flat screen televisions and the reduced footprint are not really for everyone.

You should consider the advantages and disadvantages of LCD flat panel TVs and plasma TVs before making your mind on what to buy. Here is some basic information that will be helpful to you about the LCD television.

The advantages of LCD Flat Panel TV

LCD Flat Panel television sets are very sleek and slim and can be placed on regular television stands or can be mounted on the wall. LCD Flat Panel TV can fit in with any home theater and can be easily moved as they are lightweight in comparison to any other TV set.

LCD televisions can run for 50,000 to 60,000 viewing hours, which makes it a long-term investment. These days LCD Flat panel sets support high-definition and support higher resolutions for better viewing experience.

The Disadvantages of LCD Flat Panel TV

The screen of LCD televisions is liquid crystal display; they can get damaged if anything hits the screen. It is advised that LCD screens should be installed by the help of professionals only. The price of LCD TVs is higher than rear-projection and plasma TVs and should be properly mounted to the wall by professionals. Incorrect installment can pull the TV down from the wall with time and it can fall. Also, you have to see if High-definition and HD-ready LCD models are available, not all LCD flat panel TVs support high-definition.

Deciding if LCD Is Right for You

LCD Flat Panel TV sets are very sleek and slim and offer a great viewing experience. The disadvantages mentioned above are worst-case scenarios. LCD TV sets can make a perfect home theater and won’t require too much space as they can be mounted to the wall. You have to see how much you want to spend to make your overall home theater, as High-definition LCD TV sets can be expensive. Based on your budget you can choose from simple LCD Flat Panel TVs to High-definition or HD ready TV sets for your home theater.


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