Alkaline Foods And Alkaline Water Are Not The Same Thing

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While consuming more alkaline foods than acid foods has an immediate and long lasting impact on the body, alkaline water may, at best, generate only incomplete short term rewards.

Alkaline foods are critical to assist the body in mineral management. In order to reduce the effect of acid consumption, the body naturally extracts calcium along with other alkaline elements from bones and tissues. It is always best to avoid deficiencies in these critical minerals from an overly acidic diet.

Alkaline foods are full of minerals that produce an alkaline ash in the bloodstream as soon as they are metabolized. Acid foods leave an acid ash. Before it can be absorbed, though, alkaline water blends with the gastric stomach juices, which are naturally acidic. Interfering with these stomach acids could bring about more harm than good. The research points to a short term elimination of unhealthful bacteria in the gut, but beyond that, alkaline water is disputable as a health product with any long term benefits. Alkaline foods, on the other hand, make healthy minerals bio-available for the entire body.

Why is it better to invest in alkaline foods rather than alkaline water?

1. Limited Benefits – Some alkaline water users report short term progress as destructive bacteria in the gut are alkalized. However, reports of long range usage and results are hard to come by. On the contrary, there are increasing reports of individuals with digestive problems from excess alkalinity in the stomach.

2. Expense – For the cost of an alkaline water machine, you could have the funds for the best alkaline foods or drinks on the planet for years and get much better long range results. In reality, most drinking water is naturally alkaline. This reveals another reason why alkaline water is an unnecessary expense. Especially dangerous are the claims made by some alkaline water distributors that it can cure cancer, arthritis, and other diseases. These claims over-promise and under-deliver, causing many alkaline water machine buyers to regret their purchase.

3. More Harm than Good – Some alkaline water users have reported gastrointestinal problems after prolonged use. This could be due to the disruption of the natural digestive processes when alkaline water is introduced. Your digestive juices are intended to be acidic. It is much more wise to rely on alkaline foods that operate in conjunction with the body’s natural processes.

The reason that some people receive positive results when first using it, alkaline water adds alkalinity to the digestive tract, making it unwelcoming for harmful bacteria. Over time, though, this disruption of the body’s natural digestive stomach acids creates new problems with digestion. When you interfere with these natural digestive processes, you are doing more damage than good. Alkaline foods, conversely, work with the body’s natural processes, generating a lifetime of benefits while providing alkaline minerals for the whole body.


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