6 Ways To Cook Rice

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Rub the rice well with the hand, then lift the strainer out of the water and then dive back into the pan.
Change the water until it runs clear, then drain. In this way, the grains of sand are deposited in water and the rice is thoroughly cleaned. The best cooking method to cook the rice is steaming. When cooked in water, it loses much of its already small percentage of nitrogenous elements. It takes much less time to cook it takes to cook the other cereals.

Like all dry grains and seeds, rice swells in cooking and is several times its volume. When cooked, each grain of rice should be separate and distinct from others, but very tender.


Steamed rice.

Soak a cup of rice in a cup one quarter of water for an hour, then add one cup of milk. Put it all in the top of a bet or steamer over a kettle of boiling water for one hour.
It must be stirred with a fork occasionally, during the first ten or fifteen minutes.

Try before you stop the cooking.


Boiled rice (japanese method).

Thoroughly clean the rice by washing it several times in different waters, and let soak overnight.
In the morning, drain and cook in an equal amount of boiling water (a glass of water to one cup of rice).
For cooking, a casserole with a lid suitable to be used. Heat the water to a boil, then add the rice and, after having moved, put the lid should not be removed during boiling.

At first, while the water boils, the steam escapes freely between the lid and the pot, but when the water is almost evaporated, which will take eight to ten minutes, depending on the age and quality rice, there will be more than a trickle of water vapor, and the pan must be removed to make it a place where it will not burn.
Then let the rice continued to swell and dry slowly for fifteen or twenty minutes.

Boil the rice in a conventional manner requires a liter of boiling water for a cup of rice.
It should be boiled rapidly until it becomes tender, then drain and place in a moderate oven to dry.
Stir and aerate it lightly with a fork occasionally to make it drier and lighter. Care must be taken, however, not to crush the rice grains.


Rice to orange.

Wash rice and cook in steam. Prepare some oranges by separating into several neighborhoods that you can cut in half.

 Remove the seeds and orange white filaments. Sprinkle the oranges lightly with sugar and let stand while cooking rice.

Serve a portion of orange on each portion of rice.


Rice with raisins.

Cook rice the way steam. After washing the raisins, fry in 50g butter with a little salt and a little cumin. When the raisins are puffed, remove from heat.

 In a pan put a layer of cooked rice, then a layer of raisins cumin, another layer of rice, then a layer of raisins, and cumin to the end, add 50 g butter, diced, or a little cream cool.

Cover the pan and cook over low heat 10 to 15 minutes.

Let stand ten minutes before serving.


Rice with peaches.

Prepare 400 g of rice you cook with steam as above. Add 3 fresh eggs and place the rice in baking ramekins. Sprinkle with sugar and bake in the oven a few minutes.

Serve with wedges of sliced ​​peaches and grated coconut.


Rice pilaf
This is the best way to cook a long grain rice.

How? It’s simple: put heating a tablespoon of butter or oil in your pan.

Pour the rice and stir with a wooden spatula.
When translucent, add 30 ounces of hot water and simmer.

 Add salt and pepper, cover and cook, covered, 12 to 15 minutes depending on the type of rice.


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