Friends in Life For Life

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whenever i was betrayed i found was abtruse for me to know the situation,but you helped me. you consolidated me to fight the situation. when i was balance with no hope you  spawn my courage.i was fed up with this peevish life but you made me feel in a diffrent way and gave me fresh eyes to have a look at my life in diffrent way. it was all so facile with you. i always needed you and will was advocate of my life and gave moral to my life. you gave me the chance to dream, to ponder upon and to made my jaded life into a luminious made me gallant but.. still i have nothing to give you. i know you won’t want anything because you still have surpulus and i also know my dreams turning into reality will be your best reward. but still i give my gratitude to you. and till now i am so dupe that i cant  face any situation without you. how can i forget every moment spend was as refreshing like the redolance of flower.we bantered, we fought, we enjoyed and now i miss those momemnts.the days of monsoons, when we both went for the journey of memories, those memories still disturbs me and force tears out of my eyes,you added glorious chapters in my life, you was great and you made me great, you was flamboyant and you made me  the same, and this is the quality of yours who force me to love you to hallow you.if i introspect i only find you to whom i can thank for my success, but you only said no thanks in friendship , so again i have nothing to give except my gratitude i really respect your serenity, your optimistic nature which made all the jeopardic situations of ours just a child’s play. you are the paragon of extreme tranquilness, i am inspired, really inspired by you. you symbolises flower who always spread its fraganance around, you symbolises moon whose pleasent light refresh us, you symbolises air which remain throughout our life, and i am proud you are my friend, my dear friend. i will always silently and secretly thankyou from bottom of my heart. you was always important for me and still you are. i always needed you and will always. my dear friend.


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