Men Behind Your Cup OF Tea

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      India, one of the largest producers of different verities of tea including the CTC, DARJEELING TEA, ASSAM TEA and the famous Dooars tea. A huge quantity of these exported to all over the world.May be the tea in your cup is also from india.

     But have you ever thought about the people who realy produce the tea. Not at all. No body thinks about that. We always consider about the producing comanies and the country. But the real heroes always remained out of highlights.Yes, they are the workers of the tea gardens.

      In the Dooars region of West Bengal (India), these workers were brought from Ranchi now Jharkhand by the British about 200 years ago. These poor people cut down the dense forests to form tea gardens. the englismen treat them as SLAVES. The British were then called as “SAHEB” (THE OWNERS). The impact of past still remains as the workers are forced to say “SAHEB”  to their manager and executives.

      You probably can’t imagine the work the labourer has to do. they pluck the tea leaves continue for 8 hours carrying a load of 30-35 kg on their head. This is not a matter of joke. they has to do it for a mere 67 INR(JUST MORE THAN $1) PER DAY. Isn’t seems amazing.

       Quite amazing, just put down your cup of tea and think a while about them. Just $1 per day is nothing inlieu of their work.

       These people has no way other than doing this work as the tradition of working against the vaccancy of father is continue for past 2 centuries. The arrengement of bread for a family is very difficult in this earning but the adapt the situation very well.

         Poor economic condition compelled the to migrate to big cities. Girls are sold ib the brothells fo a few  Rupees. Malnutrition, illness, illetrecy have became a part of their life. During festivals they can’t buy new clothes for the whole family. They enjoy the occasion with a liquor made up rice. They even can’tconsume the tea they produce as they get only the dust of tea for use.

       Now, you can fill the smell of their sweat in your tea cup, that could enhance the flavour of your cup…….


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