Why Didn’t I Gamble by Buying Apple Stock Years Ago?

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Blockbuster sales of the iPhone and robust Asian business once more helped Apple Inc (AAPL.O) crush Wall Street’s expectations, driving its shares up greater than 7 % to record highs.

Sales of its iconic products far outpaced forecasts, helping drive a close to-doubling of revenue in the fiscal third quarter. Its shares leapt to a high of $405 after a quick after-hours trading suspension.

Apple sold 20.34 million iPhones throughout the quarter versus an expected 17 million to 18 million, which analysts say helped it vault past Nokia and Samsung Electronics to turn into the world’s largest smart phone maker.

Apple also sold 9.25 million iPads and 3.95 million Mac computers. Gross margin for the quarter came to 41.7 percent.

Shares of Apple have emerged from the limbo they had fallen into after Chief Executive Steve Jobs depart last January for unspecified medical reasons.

Based on a price of $400, Apple would have a market capitalization of $369.90 billion, placing it near Exxon Mobil, the biggest firm in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index, which has a $411.97 billion market value.

So, again back to the question why didn’t we buy Apple Stock years ago? Stock trading could be quite a gamble. Your possibilities of earning can just about equal to your possibilities of losing, and in some circumstances, there are even higher risks of losing more. Cash that you will need for survival should never be used in trades.

Because most trading markets can be very unpredictable, make sure that you make use of money that you can afford to lose. It could be too risky to speculate money that you will badly need for your daily living or for your future. Always to be aware of the risks involved and what you’re particularly risking in the exchange.

Actually current Apple stocks surged have been predicted by many analysts since beginning of this year, they  expect it to be at $450 or higher in this year.  The growth of the stock over time is attributed to Apple’s bottom line, its creative and business teams, the fact that it has zero debt, tens of billions of dollars in the  bank, and of course, the truth that  it sells the most popular shopper electronics on the planet.

So in my case, why I didn’t I buy any apple stock? I actually want to buy but I’m broke. I’m spent all my money on Apple expensive products. 🙂


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