How to Become Invisible on Facebook Chat

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Unlike chat service available on gmail which allows us to become invisible blocking people we do not like, facebook chat does not provide this service directly. After using facebook for quite a long time now i was happy to get the solution for it. Many of us would like to know the procedure of doing this. Enabling only a specific group of people to chat can be done by following these simple steps:

1) Go to the Friends option available on the left hand side of your profile page and click on it.

2) After successfully doing the above step you will see a new page open, go to the top of the page, at the center you will find a Create List Button.

3) Now click on this button and select those list of users with whom you either want to talk or those with whom you would never like to talk.

4) After selecting the list of friends as per your choice you can save the list. Now next you need to go at the bottom right corner of your profile page where option for chat is available.

5) Now in the chat service there are two choices available for users one says Friend lists and the other says Options. Click on the friend list choice and you will see the currently made list name which you have saved above.

6) Next you just need to select that list name(a tick will be made in front of your chosen list instantly). Now you will see that name of new list created will be written on fb chat and a small semi-filled green button will be available in front of it. Click on that button to become online or offline for that list of people you created earlier. You will see that now all those people whom you do not like to chat have been removed from the available list of online friends.

It often becomes frustrating when someone keeps on popping up messages into your facebook chat window and you do not like to reply him/her back. The above simple steps would allow you to indirectly become invisible to those people. So try it and see the difference :) .

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