How to Write a Blog-Know What People Like to Read

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Blog writing has become a part time hobby or earning activity for many people who love to share their views. Blog can be written by anyone but only a skilled writer can attract readers to its blog. In order to write a blog one should first know what category of users will be targeted by his/her content that is published that is whether it is for younger group, graduates or older group people.

Knowing what people actually want to read is the most important tool which can help grow your blog. Apart from what you write the readers are heavily impacted by the design used, the way you express your feelings about a particular thing and everything concerned with the blog. A blog can grow only when its users are retained and they keep coming again and again to read your articles published. Following tips will help you to understand the ideal way of getting visitors to your blog:

First thing to start with is the selection and creation of your blog’s home page. The starting page is the one which helps in attracting users to your blog. Choose a theme which suites your style of writing. Avoid using dull themes people are seen less attracted towards blog which have low intensity. Search the topic which most want to read. Your way of writing should be such that people are compelled to return back to your blog in search of your next article. Express your views in one way instead of moving around different concepts in the blog. Be simple to express yourself meaning use of unambiguous words in any article creates confusion and dissatisfaction in reader’s mind.

Always promote your blog to the best you can, social networking has become the best way of promoting your business. Facebook, Twitter and many others can be used as a platform to promote your blog. Enable people to comment and like your article if they wish to. Comments help in creating a worthy relationship between the readers and the writer. Do reply to the comments of the readers in order to believe that you like to be in touch with them, this will help you retain you readers for a long time.

Use of keywords can never be avoided in order to grow your work online. SEO requires use of maximum amount of keywords in your article which enables it to be displayed higher in different search results of the search engines. Lastly you need to provide an honest opinion about everything you write which can only be done if you enjoy writing, interesting articles.


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