Video Games I Love The Most

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From the age of 12 i started playing games. It all started with TV games which included Contra, Mario, Tortoise and many more, they were really cool to start with. Four versions of contra were completed by me and my brother in 2 weeks time. We both used to play together, one controlling the game and the other giving suggestions on what the next attack will be.

It might be looking humorous but these 2D games were only responsible for generation of interest in me for games. When i came in eighth standard then my father bought a computer to me. It had Microsoft Windows Me installed in it which consisted of some default games like freecell pinball. Though i enjoyed playing them but not for too long. I got a cd of playstation game Brian Lara Cricket 99 from my friend and surprisingly for both of us it had feature of multiplayer gaming as well. We played this game for about 2 months time before we got Ubisoft’s sensational Formula 1 Racing Championship 2001.

Formula 1 racing championship has been the best F1 game i have played till now, the graphics of this game are ultimate. Also the interface for players is easy to understand and use. It became our habit to play one whole grand prix consisting of 63 laps almost everyday. It would be wrong to say here that i was the winner in most of the races. My brother used to win almost every game and i used to come second. Losing to him helped me to practice more an more to win.

Max Payne, our next game belong to the mission games category. After a lot of racing games and cricket, we wanted a change in games which we play. Max Payne was our next mission to complete. As it was our first mission game we took one and half months to complete the whole game. Due to the large amount of interest in Max Payne, i was forced to buy its next version Max Payne II which i completed in 6 days. I have to buy Max Payne III on my next visit to games library.

Need for speed (1,2,3,4,5,hot pursuit,most wanted, carbon), Call of duty and Medal Of honour, Codename Outbreak, Fifa are some games which i keep playing as and when i get time as i am right now doing engineering so it becomes a little tough for me to get time to play these games.


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