Invention Of The Vacuum Cleaner

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A vacuum cleaner has become an essential part in our daily lives. Vacuum cleaners have made life easy for housewives. Using a vacuum cleaner to clean the house is easy and fun.

The vacuum cleaner was invented in mid 1800’s. In the year 1860, David Hess made the best device to clean the house. He solved the problem for housewives and made it easy to clean the house by the use of a machine. Back in those days, to keep the dust to the minimum people used rugs on their wooden floors and then they had to hang the rug and beat it with sticks to take the dust out.

David Hess made a better way to clean the rug. He made a carpet sweeper which had a rotating brush with a system providing suction to take out the dust. His machine had two water chambers to collect dust particles. Soon after in the year 1899, Melville Bissell, came up with a carpet sweeper which had a similar mechanism which picked up dirt and collected it in a pan behind its head. Then John Thurman made the motorized rug cleaner.

The first electric vacuum cleaner was invented by Hubert Booth of London. The vacuum cleaner invented by him was so big that it had a very long hose connected to the machinery and the machinery was installed on a trailer of a car. As time passed by, more and more inventors came up with their inventions. In 1908, James Spangler made the first portable vacuum cleaner. His invention became very popular, but he sold his invention to William Hoover. William Hoover was the most popular name associated with house cleaning. 100 years later, the vacuum cleaner was known as a noisy and clunky piece of machinery. No doubt then the designs and durability of the vacuum cleaners kept on changing. As time passed by, vacuum cleaners were made by many companies and they made the vacuum cleaner more easy to use and more powerful too.

The new improved designs like the next generation robotics “Roomba” and the Dyson give us the idea of what the 21st century vacuum cleaners will be.

Whoever has invented the vacuum cleaner; there are several people who get the credit for it; but we can say their principles and ideas still remain in the vacuum cleaners till today and have made life a lot easier.


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