Is Digital TV Better Than Analog TV

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To believe that digital television is better than analog television, you have to watch and experience the difference yourself. The picture and sound quality of the digital television is very high as compared to the analog television. The digital television offers you high quality, which makes your viewing experience very exciting. The analog television is also known as SDTV. The SDTV uses magnetic waves to display and transmit pictures and the sound system is the old traditional type. The digital televisions offers crystal clear pictures and surround sound for better experience.

Compared to the digital television, the SDTV provides fewer channels from the same station. You will find it a hassle that its capacity is limited only to a few stations, but the digital television provides more information. It is possible to upgrade an analog television to digital television.

If you own an analog television and want to upgrade your TV set to digital, then you can use its digital tuner decoder with your TV. By using the digital tuner decoder, your TV will display high quality and clear pictures just the same as you will see in original digital television sets. These days, you can easily find digital televisions at cheap discounted rates.

Also you will find that the cable operators always do not provide digital cables with providing digital signals, which makes viewing experience not up to the mark. If they don’t provide digital cables and signals, then your television set will receive only an analog signal, which will eliminate the advantage of having a digital television. Using satellite service is recommended for experiencing digital quality pictures on your digital TV set.

The latest innovation in digital TV is the HDTV. With HDTV you can watch pictures in wide screen and with crystal clear clarity as compared to the analog television sets. HDTV stands for High-Definition television, the HDTV sets can be expensive in price but the viewing experience is superb. If you compare analog television set with the HDTV, the HDTV’s picture clarity and audio quality are far better than the analog TV.

A digital television is anyday a better option in today’s homes with all the updated gadgets. The great viewing experience and surround sound added to it, your digital experience will be much appreciated by your family and friends!


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