Women Are Also Big Electronics Consumers

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You won’t believe the fact that today’s women are taking a great interest in electronics and gadgets. They have a good taste and a better understanding about electronics then ever before.

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, last year women spent more than men on technology. They stated that women spent around $55 billion on electronic gadgets and gear and the total electronic sale was $96 billion (reports from 6 January CEA press release). From Digital cameras, mobile phones to DVD players, women are increasingly interested in electronic gadgets.

CEA also reported that these days in the United States, women are using more consumer electronics than ever. The detailed information that CEA provided about the purchase considerations, decision influences, purchase channels and the future purchase intent are as follows:

About 89 percent of total consumer electronics purchasing decisions are made by women.

84 percent of women trust that electronics and new technologies can bring a change in their lives.

48 percent women aged 18-34 purchased a digital camera.

A recent survey by CEA reports that women have positive effect to certain technology areas like mobile phones, HDTV and digital cameras. With women, the comfort level and technology is always high. Women are using new technology to manage their schedules and are increasingly using electronics in their daily lives.

Women want electronic items which can easily connect and are easy to operate. The products they want to use should have no wires at all or limited wiring, sleek and slim in design, also women want the products that are high on usability. Usability has been a major factor for women when they look to buying technology.

A recent survey reported that about three-quarters of women did complain about being patronized or ignored by sales persons while shopping for electronics. Due to this a number of growing companies have started to target their wares towards female buyers. Also at CES, they hung huge pink banners saying “technology is a Girl’s Best Friend”, however their own research found that a third of women didn’t like items with girlie colors.

Sony is designing their electronic products with designs and features that most of the women seek. Sony is also designing the Sony Style retail stores in a way to make women feel more comfortable. Mostly all of the Sony’s efforts are towards functionality. In technology areas women are gaining percentage and are major electronics consumers.


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