Useful Wind Turbine Generators

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The most dependable forms of alternative power are the wind turbine generators. Wind turbine generators transform kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy to generate power. The wind turbines are connected to a generator which creates DC output or the wind generators are used to churn wheat into flour. The wind turbine generators are also used for pumping water to farms. Here is all that you ever wanted to know about wind turbine generators.

On the whole, these wind turbines are huge windmills, with large blades just like that of a fan which rotates by the force of wind to produce power. The wind turbines are installed on top of a long and tall tower and the power generated by it gets stored in a battery. The wind turbines are made up of steel, aluminum, plastic and other metals. The wind turbine generators can be as tiny as 5 feet and the large turbines can be about 300 feet in diameter. The wind turbine generators have several negative impacts too.

Although wind turbine generators have relatively very little impact on the environment as compared to fossil fuel power plants, the negative ecological impacts of wind turbines include wildlife impacts, noise produced by rotator blades and visual impacts.

Noise â just like all mechanical systems, wind turbines produce noise as they cut the wind to rotate the blades. Engineers have made new designs to reduce the noise generated by these wind turbines.

Visual impacts â wind turbines are highly visible, as the large wind turbine generators can be around 300 feet in diameter. But being visible is not the same as being intrusive. To overcome this, the strategy used is to place a number of wind turbines in multiple locations and fewer turbines in one place.

Impacts on wildlife â the mortality of birds and bats have become big biological controversial issues. The birds and bats that pass through the turbine blades get killed. As the wind turbines used to generate more power are gigantic and cover a lot of area, the large blades can slice anything that comes there way.

Even in the face of these downsides, the wind turbine generators are the best choice when thinking of a broad plan for renewable energy. Once the wind turbine is installed, they are amazingly capable of generating power from a natural and eco-friendly way. The best thing about wind turbine generators is that they don’t produce any toxic waste, any global warming pollutants or any thermal pollutants.


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