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The evolution of barcode scanners has taken place over the course of many years. It is tied with the evolution of other technologies such as computers and vehicles. As has been discovered with all technology, security and safety are major factors that control how quickly or how slowly technology evolves.

Barcode scanners have evolved quickly in today’s society. These barcode scanners have gone from only being able to read barcodes of a certain shape and size (normally these were square and had to have parallel lines running through them) to being able to process many different kinds of barcodes. With barcodes being so popular in many upscale businesses, it is easy to see why they have evolved so quickly.

Without these barcodes and their barcode scanners, society would run much too slowly to keep up with the pace at which information runs and changes. This is because barcodes work with computer systems to quickly identify each and every item by its labeled barcode. These codes come in many different varieties and are all vitally important to society.

One type of coding is code 39, which is used for keeping data secured; another type is UPC, which is found on most items that are not food related. These codes keep society moving quickly by giving safe and reliable places to store data, as well as an easy way to recall this data at any time. The 2 of 5 code is an inventory code, which helps keep track of warehouse inventory so people do not have the count their inventory every single day. This allows consumers to work on other important projects.

Barcode scanners have been forced to keep up with the development of so many different codes. Checkout scanners are by far the most obvious type of barcode scanners. There are also barcode slot readers that are mostly used in airports and laser barcode readers that are more sophisticated and work more quickly when dealing with freight. Laser barcode scanners are also the most expensive scanners available.

Barcodes and barcode scanners have been forced to evolve in this ever changing economy. These barcodes are used everywhere in life including the grocery store, the airport and department stores. They allow us to keep track of where every item is, as well as where it is going which is especially important for items like airplane luggage. These barcodes and barcode scanners are great for security purposes as well, as they can retain high level codes that cannot be read by the naked eye.


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