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Many people in today’s society are making the move from desktop computers to laptops and one of the popular ones are Dell notebooks. This change has been brought about by society’s desire to be more mobile; business men and women cannot afford to be without their computers for any length of time. The fast pace of the internet has also help to increase the problem, as information changes constantly online. News stories that were once new become outdated quickly and anyone that relies on using a desktop to keep track of everything is going to be left behind.

The Dell Inspiron 600m is one such dell notebook on the market today. It is a perfect product from Dell brand’s greatest technology. This Dell notebook is very lightweight as it weighs in at a little over 5 pounds. Also, it has a relatively large screen at 14.1 inches and comes with a built-in CD/DVD drive. It has an extended battery life and it comes with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition installed.

The screen of this Dell notebook is very bright, which is much better than some other laptop screens which do not allow anyone to view them unless they are sitting right in front of the screen. Also, the keyboard is highly responsive but it is a bit loud; the mouse buttons are not much better, as they pop back loudly when used.

The battery life is another advantage with this Dell notebook. It lasts at least four hours on its highest setting and other power efficient settings are even more useful overall. The charge time for the battery is excellent as well as it can go from no charge to full in a little under an hour.

The price of the Dell notebook Inspiron 600m is also quite affordable. It allows for a consumer to have enough money left over to buy any number of accessories or upgrades for the device and still stay under the price that it would cost to buy any kind of Apple products. Anti-virus software like Norton Antivirus is probably the best software to buy outside of the basic laptop, as this protects the computer from harmful viruses that may ruin its performance.

The Dell notebook Inspiron 600m is worth every penny of its price. It comes with a one year warranty and one can upgrade that warranty if they desire. Dell is also one of the best brands for customer satisfaction, as they can send a technician for any major problems that your Dell notebook might face.


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