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In this day and time, our society is all about being unique and having options; everything from desktop computers to printers and even digital cameras can be customized to fit each person’s unique personality. This is especially true for digital cameras as each brand allows for consumers to choose from many different options. They offer all kinds of cameras, from simply designed point-and-click models to complicated models that can make anyone look like a professional photographer.

The cost of digital cameras has gone down drastically from a few years ago. Back then, any digital camera below about $400 was cheaply made and was hardly worth the price while the more expensive versions had very few actual characteristic features that would have made them worth their lofty price tags. However, this has changed drastically in our society. Now $150 cameras can be bought with all the functions that any normal sightseer could ask for; any digital camera around $500 is great for budding professional photographers!

The memory in megapixels has also changed dramatically since digital cameras were first released. Older cameras usually could not work with more than about 3 megapixels; now, 7 megapixels is the standard for even the cheapest cameras. This allows people to print off much more detailed pictures without losing any quality in the photo itself. LCD display also helps, as it has been updated to allow consumers to see how their photos look before they print them out.

The variety of shooting modes has vastly improved over the course of the last few years. These modes allow even amateur photographers to give the illusion of different backgrounds or to focus on certain parts of the shot instead of just taking a bland picture. Each mode has its own advantage over others and all of them can be useful.

Storage cards are the main problem with today’s digital cameras, as there is not a specific standard that they all use. One must make sure that their card is compatible not only with the camera itself, but also the computer that they are planning to transfer their pictures to. Of course there are other ways to transfer pictures than just the card, but it is by far the simplest method.

Digital cameras are definitely much more user friendly now than they have ever been before. They are focused on providing the best possible experience for consumers and they are much easier to work with too.


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