This is Right Time For Taking Action

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Bomb blast once again strikes Mumbai, commercial capital of India, and claimed more than 20 lives while injuring more than 120 people. This is not the first time, the terrorists striking Indian soil. Many cities including Mumbai were vulnerable to terrorist activities in recent past. Indian cities were targeting frequently by terrorists. Prior to this attack, cities like Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Surat, Bangalore, New Delhi were targeted by them. Governments who ruled the nation so far failed to act firmly against terrorists which may encourage them to act more.

Now, congress led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) is in power, and its weak-kneed approach to fight terror may seem to be provided encouragement to terrorists to strike in India at their will. Since last few years, the demon of terrorism is being responsible for killing so many people in the country.

Countries across the world, including USA, UK, and Australia have enacted tough laws against terrorist activities, and have put up a strong fight against terrorism. But, Indian government enacted soft laws against terrorism, and failed to control terrorist activities in the
country. Political leaders across the parties engaged in mud slugging against each other, instead of fighting united to root out terrorism. That’s why India is being bombed repeatedly. Political parties were involving in vote bank politics, and not taking any action against terrorists while fearing of loosing votes of minorities.

For example, Supreme Court has awarded death sentence to Ajmal Kasab. He is the lone surviving Pakistani gunman in the 2008 Mumbai terror attack who is on the death row pending disposal of his appeals. But, government has failed to carry out the courts’ order. Terrorists are taking this as a weakness, and carry out terrorist activities whenever, wherever possible in the country.

Human rights should not be granted to terrorists as they are not fit to be called human. At least, now he should be hanged which sends clear message to other terrorists. This is the right time for government to deal with them in a hard manner. Otherwise, terrorists may claim many more lives, and many more innocent people would die in the name of terrorism. Political amibition should not be an hurdle in eradicating terrorism. 


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