Telemarketing vs Direct Mail Campaigns

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Marketing strategies are being done by businesses that want to make a name for themselves and to effectively market their products and services. Such marketing strategies that are gaining more and more popularity over the years are direct mail campaigns and b2b telemarketing programs.

Business owners ask themselves, which of the two is the best marketing strategy that they should employ with their sales campaign: direct mail or telemarketing? Businesses that want to target other firms have to make an important decision as to which of these two options is the best marketing business strategy for their sales campaign. No matter what path the business might take for their sales campaign, there are always benefits and downsides to each of these two options. To gain a deeper understanding as to which of the two choices is the most beneficial for the firm , let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of direct mail campaigns and b2b telemarketing programs.

Direct Mail

One of the good things about direct mail marketing is the ability to reach prospects in a much easier method. Campaigns such as this lets businesses to send out new product information and exciting new concepts from their firms and just send it out in a form of a flier, brochure, or letter towards other companies. With this form of marketing strategy, businesses are able to get in contact even with those leads that are of the highest job designation within a company.

Even though it is very easy to get in touch with those decision makers of a certain business organization through direct mail, the response ratio is very low. This means that a business might have to send multiple marketing materials such as fliers or brochures towards the other company just to get an answer or a feedback from them. Doing so can spend a lot of time and money just to get one prospect to be qualified. Additionally, there are some reports that the success ratio of direct mail marketing campaigns are significantly lower than other marketing strategies; most especially when it is compared towards b2b telemarketing.

B2B Telemarketing

With b2b telemarketing campaigns, business are able to contact other organizations in a more direct approach. This lets formulating the foundation of trust between the two firms easier than that of direct mail. In addition, inquiries and comments can easily be answered by a sales representative through the direct line of communication that has been established

In addition, the good thing about this marketing strategy is that it can be outsourced. Telemarketing cold callers are always there and readily available to those businesses that are in need of their services.

In order to reach the decision makers of a certain firm, b2b telemarketing cold callers need to go through a multilevel echelon of command before they can get in touch with these certain individuals with a high-level job designation. If in case that they are not able to successfully reach these certain individuals, then they might have to start over from the very bottom of the chain of command and try again from scratch. Hence, a lot of preparation and research is needed to contact a certain company to improve the chances of acquiring a business transaction with them.

Both options still leads to the ultimate goal of having the business amass a considerable amount towards their flow of income. However, the most important item that these two options need to carry is time and expertise; for without these two, the marketing campaign would surely fail.


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