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Internet is a complex system of networks which is made up of numerous smaller networks like government, domestic, business and academic sections that carry various information and online services. These services include file and photo transfer, chatting, e- mail as well as connected web pages and documents on the World Wide Web. Despite such a huge connection of different networks information can be acquired and transferred fast, efficiently and consistently. No one ever thought that the Internet could become so powerful.

Other than an information base and transfer of data, the web has become the largest business, job and product bazaar in the world. You may be searching for a job or a new business opening or are looking to buy or sell products; the Internet offers the best options. With several technological innovations, Internet today has became amongst the fastest ways to earn a livelihood as well as a means of earning revenues.

Nevertheless, there are a few things we tend to ignore which have come up with the benefits of the Internet. Among them is online threat or also known as cyber crime. It has created havoc for the web users with the development of virus programs and other software which harm the computers. It may just look like an appealing banner initially which you may realize is a virus program, and damaging your computer.

There has been an alarming increase in online threats and according to many studies three out of ten web users are bothered by some kind of online threats. As they do not have the required security, it is tough to deal with such issues and they lose data on their personal computers.

To keep away from such circumstances, it is best to install software for security in your computer particularly if you use the net often. You will find numerous software which have been developed to counter the online threats. Among them is the eTrust Internet Security Suite from CA.

eTrust Internet Security Suite from Computer Associates offers wide-ranging protection from various types of online threats, such as viruses, spyware, identity thieves, hackers and malware which can endanger your privacy while surfing the web, computer performance as well as in data storage. This security suite is a blend of convenience and modern technology which offers automatic updates and settings are pre-configured for your computers security.

Main features of eTrust Internet Security Suite:

Removes all kinds of worms and viruses.

Checks the spyware before they can harm the computer.

Unwanted spam is blocked.

Unwanted people can’t penetrate your computer, which reduces the danger of unauthorized people accessing your personal information or any other important data.

Keep unwanted sites like pornographic sites out as they often have viruses and other online threats.

You can’t take protection for granted and stay away from getting into trouble due to online threats. eTrust Internet Security Suite will protect you and your computer.


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