Strive For Something

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There’s a unique value in sharing thoughts and opinions that can help people grow. By opening yourself up to this, you’re taking the first step to becoming more open minded. Congratulations! By you taking the first step to listening to the thoughts and ideas of others, you just took the first step to learning more about yourself. Everyone has something they are striving for. What that something is will be as unique as the individual themselves.

When asked what most people strive for, the answer most of us will hear most often is the desire to be happy. It’s no surprise that this is most people’s #1 because we are biologically programmed to seek fulfillment and success in our endeavors. As humans, we naturally seek positive reinforcement that we are doing well, and seek out the resources to fulfill this need.

In our ongoing journey for happiness, there are many things we will strive for along the way. We strive for peace, perfection, self-actualization, excellence, financial freedom and security, serenity, success, to make a difference, to be different, to be a better person, to grow and learn, to be more self-confident. We strive to create balance in our lives.

So why strive?

Gain control of your life. When you’re striving for something, anything, you’re taking the initiative of altering the direction of your life path. Whether you are aware of it or whether it is subconscious, what you strive for shapes who you are and helps you grow.

Freedom. With control comes freedom. Ironic, right? Wars have been fought and countries have fallen, all for the price of freedom. The good news is this: you can start getting the freedom you want by setting goals and working step-by-step to achieve them. It sounds corny but it’s true, you really can set yourself free!

Self-fulfillment. At the very least, knowing that you have accomplished something you’ve worked so hard for will leave you feeling satisfied, and proud! When you’ve done it just one time, you’ll see you can do it over and over again. This positivity will carry over to other aspects of your life, with success and opportunity falling into your hands.

Strive for something, anything! The positivity will help your life flourish in the direction that YOU want it to. No one can help you better than you can help yourself, and few things will be more rewarding than doing so.

So Strive On!


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