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I know first hand when the cable industry started selling subscriptions to consumers years ago. I can remember when you could get HBO by purchasing an antenna that looked like something out of a space ship. If I recall when HBO first came out in Denver, Co. I payed around ten dollars a month.

About the same time VCRS were becoming affordable and I recall paying $800.00 for my family’s first one. I and others would use the VCR to record movies by connecting a variety of cables to the VCR and record HBO movies, boxing matches etc. We never charged anyone to watch what we recorded, I would just loan the recorded movie to friends and it wasn’t a big deal.

Then came the computer slow at first but what a nice source of information and a great way to get home work done for the kids etc. A few years down the road we were given at a price free commercial cable TV and then the Internet began to expand to offer more and more information, you could play movies by using your computer with  CD’s and everything was moving along very, very, fast

As I recall a movie studio when I was young would make a movie and then later get the movie on television. The actors got their money and seemed content and appeared wealthy. Today’s world the movies studios make a movie, wait a few weeks and put the movie out on DVD, make more money and then sell the movie to the cable company, then to red-box, netflix and it goes on and on. You would think that with all these bites of the apple, the movie industry would be happy. Movie stars are making more money, movie studios should be making more money and the whole industry should be happy.

With all this new technology along comes a way for the average person to share music, movies, pictures and much more. The big money people some how convince politicians in Congress and the Senate to make it against the law for people to share files with each other.

An article I just read states Quote” Last year in Washington, D. C., a firm filed two largest copyright -violation lawsuits in the country’s history against more than 20,000 individual Internet-users in each case who downloaded popular movies using Bit-Torrent.” Unquote.

I understand the movie industry’s anger over individuals possibly getting hold of a copy of a brand new film and then someone providing the world web a copy. Having a new movie just made and released would be wrong and the person or person’s should be fined or sent to jail.

If I purchase a record, DVD, CD, or anything else and put it in my computer and allow others to copy it, in my opinion this is my legal right to do so. I would not be charging them a dime only the joy to watch or listen as they would share with me.

There is a simple solution in my eyes and hopefully the word will get out about how to correct the problem of scaring citizens with jail time or large fines when sharing files.

Like the old phone system of my time if you did not want your children to have access to sites like phone sex or other forms of information you would contact the old Mountain Bell and they would shut this off for you. Today the same practices should be available today.

If the Congress and the Senate believe it is against the law to share files than they should go after cable company’s, computer companies, and phone companies and stop them from broadcasting improper information. Computer companies should be held liable for any information which movie makers, record artist, and others are concerned about.

I pay around $200.00 dollars a month to get cable, cell phone, and computer usage. I am a consumer who feels that if I go to a web site and it is available on-line than I am entitled to view it, down load it, or what ever I want to do with it, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. If not than all the information provided to me should be free just like the old days.

If some one steals a movie and puts it on the shared site for all to see than the cable company is at fault for allowing this to happen, not the millions of people who share movies. The person who put this brand new movie out on a shared site is equally wrong for doing this and should be sent to jail or fined not the citizens who share their sites with others.

I enjoy movies and I pay for them. I use netflix, have cable television and pay for usage of my wireless computer. I’m tired of greedy people saying we don’t pay for shared information. To me it’ not about the poor movie star or movie studio  “it’s about greed”.



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