Themes of Bedrooms

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Contemporary bedroom styles might include rooms with large walk-in closets, a sparse use of molding, contrasting color schemes and large windows that let in ample natural light. Another possibility is a room, where walls do not meet at right angles, but instead are joined sharply at odd angles. Furniture choices could include trends such as Scandinavian modern designs, Art Deco or Bauhaus-influenced styles. Sanded light-colored wooden floors might further emphasize a contemporary trend. Metal light fixtures can be installed to complete the contemporary look.


A traditional room might contain many types of different moldings, placed in a variety of locations. Chances are the baseboard is extra wide and Victorian-styled molding blocks might be strategically placed around the sleeping quarter to add interest. Double hung windows are an indication of a traditional room as is ornate crown molding around the edge of the ceiling. Paint color schemes might involve deep, rich color for the walls, white for the ceiling and a deep trim color that is complementary on the color wheel to the hue of the wall. A four-poster bed and antique dresser could round out this kind of living space.

Minimal Modernist

For those who enjoy a clean, modern style with stark (often black and white) colors, you might want to create a minimalist bedroom. Minimalism was an artistic style for painters popular in the 1960s. Bedrooms inspired by this art movement might include large, glass windows, no molding, ultra-modern furniture with clean lines and tract lighting. Color schemes for paint styles might feature a simple contrasting pair of colors or even a monochromatic theme. Floors could consist of sanded wood planks finished with a touch of white paint or a light-toned carpet.


To create a southwestern style room you might begin by installing rustic wooden moldings, an old, salvaged wooden door and window jambs. If you have access to wood native to that part of the country, such as Ponderosa pine, mesquite or juniper, you might try to use moldings, doors or window jambs made out of the native woods in the bedroom design. If you don’t have access to these products, try using cypress or other light-colored wood to produce a pleasing rustic touch. For the walls, try a texture technique produced by plastering the walls with joint compound and then painting over the texture after it is dry with an off-white or sand color. For the floor you can install wooden planking or clay floor tiles. Retailers who deal with salvaged wood might be a good source for rustic floorboards. Knotty pine furniture, Santa Fe style wall hangings, and a Navaho rug will add an appealing finishing touch to the bedroom.


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