How to Make Womens Cricket a Money Spinner

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Cricket  is a game that both attracts and stirs the intellect. Men’s cricket is booming and India is the power house. The last world cup in India was a huge financial success and the coffers of the Cricket Boards filled up. In addition the crowds that thronged the stadium had their fill of excitement and thrills.

Unfortunately the women’s cricket is languishing and hardly anyone is interested in watching the women play.  Watching the women play is a dull affair and the women’s world cup was a damp squib.  The fact is that watching women play cricket has no thrill as we associate with Men’s cricket. I was wondering what the problem is. Why is it that women are unable to attract the crowds and the game as played by women is so boring.

Well there must be a reason for everything and obviously there must be a reason why women’s cricket is languishing. I think I have hit the nail on the head that women playing cricket dressed up like men and wearing white shirt and white pant with a baggy cap are never going to entice anybody to enter the stadium. So what is to be done?

 The first thing is that women should be women. They should stop wearing men’s apparel and cricket boots. They are too staid and certainly nobody is going to pay any money to see such dowdy clad women play.

 The best course of action is that the women drop these men’s dresses like trousers and shirts and play the game as women. How about playing cricket in hot pants or a bikini? The ICC must think on these lines and once this is agreed to the crowds will fill the stadiums and all tickets will be sold. The money will flow in and the sponsors will jump in as never before.

What does the public want ? They want thrill and excitement and that will come with women playing cricket in hot pants or bikinis. We associate a woman with softness and beauty like a rose. People want to see that face of a woman and not one running in with a mans dress and batting and fielding. The important thing is women should be women  and the crowds will be entertained. Otherwise, I am afraid women ‘s cricket is as dead as the dodo.

 I am a cricket fan and would love to see women play cricket. That’s my desire, but not in the guise of men.  Let women be women and play the game as women. Let them play the game as women in a bikini or a hot pant and this will go a long way in rejuvenating women’s cricket. I think the Indian Cricket Board and the ICC may like to act.


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