The Concept Of Gender With The Representation Of Women In Soaps,commercials And Movies

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Although the portrayal of women may had change in the time being from a Tulsi of ‘Kyunki..’, who can sacrifice her life for her family to Pratigya of another soap who has the courage to be against her own family or the society when it comes to her rights and freedom.
Most of the soaps in the last decade were depicting the fair,lurch,lack of confidence of a woman whose life is limited to her family. But now as the time has passed she is now depicted as an individual who takes her own decisions,have a mind of her own,fights with the world for her rights.
The second media is commercials. You can see women acting as an advisor in ads of many women health drinks. And then in another commercial you can see her realising her inner talent and completely ready to face the outer world. At one time a woman is portrayed as a person who completely understands the household needs as mostly they are seeing in the commercials advertising a small requirement of a house like homefoils to a refrigerator.
In all commercials,i have also noticed that it is never a man who endorses baby products,as the woman i thought to be filled with a abundance of motherhood. Now,she is also portrayed as someone wants to go out and make her own identity. She not only takes care of her house but goes out and face the outer world with sheer confidence.
The third media is ‘Films’ or the big screen. Though the superstars are the heroes of bollywood,but a film lacks that extra zing when there is not a female actress caste in it.
The latest example where Vidhya Balan played two contradicting roles in the same year. One of a girl in ‘Ishiqya’ and another in ‘No One Killed Jessica’. In the foremost film she was doing all the socially unacceptable things and was making the two men to dance to her tunes and in the latter one she was fighting for the justice which was denied to her sister.
These two films are woman centric. We can see Deepika Padukone playing an ambitious girl whose career is her foremost priority in film ‘Break Ke Baad’. The filmmakers are also realising that there are many aspects to a woman’s personality. And as you explore it,’It Keeps On Getting Deeper,Deeper And Deeper.’
The new edition to the world of commercial media is the game if cricket which is becoming more glamarous with the passage of time. Cricket is said to be a man’s game,but now the commercial world of cricket looks incomplete without a woman commentator sitting in the studio discussing mall points of the game with the legends of the sport.
And that speaks volumes on how the representation of women in the commercial world have changed in the past year.


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