What Is a QR Code And Why Do I Want It?

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First of all what is a QA Code and why do I want to use one? A QR (Quick Response) Code is a 2 dimensional code that started in Japan and is now used widely in Europe as well. Americans are just now learning to use smart phones to scan these codes.

Americans are used to seeing bar codes on products as they shop and pay for things. The code stores information for the store that helps them track sales and inventory. QR Codes are able to have a lot more information in them because of all the nicks and crannies that creates more data points. For example, you can be linked to product information, discount coupons or even a virtual house-tour when you scan one on a sign posted in front of a property for sale. Yes, you can lead people to any site on the Internet or better yet a mobile enhanced site.

Where can you put these codes? To be honest, there are no limits because these codes can be put on anything that can be printed such as T-shirts, business cards, flyers, mugs, and posters. If you can’t print on the item directly, then print it on a label and put the label on something. You can even scan off a computer screen. If you want help, check with a printer in your area because they probably know the technology and have figured out most of this.

How can you use these codes? One way would be to put them in newspaper or magazine advertising so people can scan them and get coupons, special offers, watch a video, log into a mobile site, download an app or anything that you can do on the Internet. These codes can link your real world with the virtual and make your campaigns seamless.

Why would you want to do this for your business? I use it to provide another outlet for connections to my sites. I have QR Codes that link people to my main website and to specific products. If I do an advertisement for a particular product, I include a QR Code that links to the sales page for that product. If I want to promote a sale on something, I use QR Codes along with normal Internet marketing. QR Codes will help you increase brand awareness and turn paper advertizing into a multi-option opportunity.

Where do you get these codes and the readers? There are many sources to generate a QR Code so the easiest way to get one is do an Internet search for QR Codes. I have found that places such as KAYWA or UQR.me are easy to use. The reader codes (free) are on your mobile device’s market place or where ever you get apps. You can also download a version for your laptop or desktop camera at dansl.net. See the bio below for a link to an example of a QR Code.


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