How to Push a Person to Buy a Products Online?

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 For you, you put your online sales page with its beautiful buy button. Then you release your talent web-marketer to put your offer in front of the eyes of a maximum of potential buyers.

And then …

Nothing. No sales. Or just a small stream. Certainly not the flood of orders PAYPAL you expected.

If you know this nightmare, or if you want to avoid it, I recommend these seven tips to drive people to buy your products / services ….

1. Put your offer in front of a target audience

First thing: target your prospects.

Example: If you sell an ebook on dog training company, do not make many sales just by contacting your general mailing list. Pick a forum dedicated to pets and present your offer.

2. Pay attention to the quality of the sales page

Then you have to write an effective sales pitch whose only purpose is to sell. Keep that goal in mind: to sell, and that’s it. This implies a catchy title that captures the attention, a list of benefits and benefits, a guarantee of concrete, quality bonuses as digital books, testimonials from past clients and a big button that says “Buy now before I withdraw the offer! “

3. The importance of bonus

Offer bonuses absolutely irresistible, that is to say quality. Feel free to report the value of these bonuses to make the overall supply Inrate really.

4. A guarantee that eliminates any risk associated with purchasing

A prospect has always afraid to even pay for an item he wants for fear of not getting value for money. Reverse the risk-taking, taking it in full: this means a 100% satisfaction guarantee or money back. Tip: do not be afraid to offer an extended warranty, like six months or more. This limits the claims.

5. Scarcity and emergency

At the end of your sales pitch, you have to push the reader to action, indicating a clear message: “Buy now with your credit card or PayPal account.” But you must also give a good reason to buy immediately, if not the prospect can go away and never come back to your sales page.
How? Create a sense of urgency:

• Remind the prospect that the problem will be solved when you purchase your product / service.
• Provide a temporary reduction.
• Limit the number of products / services available to a small number.
• Offer bonuses or extended warranty only to customers faster.

6. Increase your sales with an auto-responder

The majority of your prospects do not know (at least initially). To get used to you, give them gifts and advice in exchange for their email address. You can then contact them at leisure and increase your conversion rate by strengthening the trust you inspire them. Give gifts and free content quality: You get back a hundredfold.

7. Test your results

Finally, quantify the impact of your prize, the title of your sales page, your bonus etc … on the number of sales. Know what works and what does not serve you well for your future sales pages.

These seven tips are really effective, believe me. My business for years of selling ebooks and this with the greatest ease just by applying these simple recommendations.

Systematically apply these seven tips at the same time in all your sales pages, and your sales will take off beyond your expectations!


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