Con(Fusion) Vergence

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In this article i have discussed about the convergence and the confusion created by the fudion of technology in the field of consumer electronics.

Con (fusion) Vergence

We are experiencing the convergence all over in our life be it in the field of electronics or in the field of computing , so I decided to discuss that facet of the side of the convergence which is creating the sense of confusion in our minds.

Here in this article I will be discussing about the convergence, with few examples and most importantly the confusion which is getting on with that.

We will start by discussing what convergence is and in due course covering the other aspects as well.

What is Convergence

The term convergence means that any device/process being capable of incorporating other devices/process so that the device with independent feature can be wiped off from the scenario taking in to consideration

Convergence in Electronics Industry/Consumer Electronics

This industry saw the extensive extent of the convergence. Today consumer appliances are capable of doing what other appliances can do.

The list of example can be innumerous as we come across these devices but here as the space is limited we are taking only two examples and that too of consumer electronics.

The first example which I will be taking is of LCD TV .when they entered in to the market everyone wanted one of them in their wall to be hanged. Everyone was saying that the OLD and bulky CTV will soon be off from the market and LCD will rule.

But then we have seen another breakthrough innovation as an entry of LED TV this is another cutting edge technology which is high demand today.

So, initially when the LCD has launched they were capable and intended to work as TV only, on which users can watch the broadcast network channels.

But with the pressure of gaining more market share and introducing new innovative features manufacturers introduced the feature which enabled LCD/LED TV to play music, videos directly by plugging USB drives in to them.

Now at this moment the confusion in the process of convergence creeps in where a user wants a pure enjoyment in his music listening and video watching but the absence of deep bass enhancement system in the LCD because of absence of Woofer in LCD makes its worst, so people look for external home theatre system.

This means that LCD has the capability of playing the videos, music but is not capable of delivering feeling of deep bass in music.

So we can say that it’s not a pure convergence.

Second example which I will be taking is of Mobile phone, today it can seen in everyone’s hand I remember when it has launched in India one needs to maintain it in terms of usage cost, but Dhirubhai Ambani  made it to reach to everyone’s hand.

Now mobile phone is replacing every other device by incorporating all devices in to it so if we say that this being the true convergence device then why people are seeking for the dedicated device  for the specific feature, for example if we take camera then although now in the markets mobile phone with 10 mega pixels or 12 mega pixels are available but the quality of its pictures cannot be compared with the digital camera picture quality so we can say that mobile phone although a converging device but if we compare its feature with the dedicated device then it lost its importance but with all the features it’s a powerful device in itself.

Where we are heading

After considering these examples we can say that although we are heading towards more technologically competitive environment where innovation is the key for gaining more and more market share but with the growth we are leaving the flavor of convergence in the pure sense.

Future of convergence

Coming on to the future of convergence there are so many things coming up mainly in the field of home automation where appliances are capable of communicating to each other and further more we will be controlling the appliances over the internet or cell phone but this is all about the appliances having their individual feature or characteristics and they are well capable of doing their specific task what they are meant for.

If here I again take our example of cell phone then in the coming future it has to be so evolved that users can totally rely on them instead of going for the next option.

When this thing is being realized then we will be in a position to say that yes now we have achieved the true convergence


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