A General Idea of Chronic Diseases

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Globalization makes us dependable and conscious. We can make everything with the help of modern technology. No doubt now we are globalised. It is very easy for us to discover any formula and equation of a theory. We can use different machines for our daily use, which makes our life easier.

We are really satisfied for entire this things. But at the same time, with the curse of technology now we are affected by different diseases. It is really unexpected and unethical. Recently we are affecting by the most unusual chronic diseases.

Basically most of the people really do not know about chronic diseases. What are the symptoms, its prevention, and the result? This article will help people to know about diseases and its results.

Now most of the chronic diseases that are harmful for the people are heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, cough, asthma etc. Needless to say the diseases are the leading cause of death and disability across the nation. An expert says these diseases are responsible for seven out of every ten death. It directly affect the quality of life allover the World.

Let’s talk about heart disease or cardiovascular disease. Both of them affect our heart and circulatory system. A report says that heart disease is the leading reason of death in the United States. The disease can set on both men and women. If the chronic disease can not be found in earlier stages it can destroy your life. The heart disease can happen due to the decreased blood flow caused by congealing and hardening of the arteries. It carries due to the heart muscle.

The most familiar indication of heart diseases is chest pain, discomfort. And this discomfort and pain is entitled as angina. Most of the time it happens when heart muscles doesn’t get much oxygen. Heart failure is also a part of heart diseases. It comes about when the heart looses the ability to successfully pump blood.

As well as cancer is a portion of chronic illness. Cancer is general disease, which occurs by abnormal cell growth. In this section the cells are turned into cancerous because of damaged DNA. If we can critically analyze the matter, we can able to know that when a usual cell has spoiled DNA, the cell is usually destroyed by the resistant power. No doubt the cell doesn’t work appropriately and cause a huge number of problems in the body.

According to the NCI, (National Cancer institute) the most common type of cancer is lung cancer. And it is a leading disease in USA. The second leading disease is breast cancer. Apart form from that Diabetes is also a part of chronic disease. Nowadays it is a rapidly growing disease. Lots of people are affected by this disease. The main reasons of these are smoking, pollution and poor diets. Though these are deadly, but can be avoidable. There are some precautions, through which one can keep away from these.


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