It Happens Only in India….

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It happens only in india….

I just remember the lyrics of the hindi song from a famous bollywood movie that depicted the bounteous and prosperous culture of the country. The song further stressed upon the grandeur of india, its fraternity, spirit of unity and diversity…..

But…But…But…. “kahani mein twist”…before moving into the details of the song I would like to take a u-turn and play safe or else I risk myself of being called a “hypocrite”.. Yes, it no more happens in india and this is a matter of great concern and worry. With a GDP 0f 8% and an FDI growing limitlessly , the country seeks to hold the title of super-technocrat no sooner by 2025. But the million pound question that keeps shooting my mind is, Is india capable of retaining the crown with numerous scams, ghotalas that are keeping apace with the country’s development. The talk of the town is with such a huge pace of development, the other end of the scale is always found crumbling which is not just a matter of disdain but on the higher fronts a matter of huge disgrace and a breach to the pride and dignity of the country.

When countries across the world are fighting tough to rise on the global forefront India is busy fighting its internal problems. The so called term “universal adult franchise”, though is said to be a clear definition to a democracy, but the bigger question is what is the use of an adult franchise like this when the “responsible leaders are playing politics so irresponsibly. Least bothered about human welfare they are always updated of the means of making millions in a dubious way. I guess those cooling their heels in tihar had some diploma or MBA in “wealth management”.

With more than 65% of the country population being youths, it is ironic to notice the sluggishness of the legal system, as often youths are termed impatient…but all those who believe such concepts please refer to the progress of our democratic system. “power corrupts” and when backed with money it makes you top to bottom corrupt. Till date we rely on the parliament for every single law either be it of land or life, but after the shoddy probe into the cash –for-vote scam, for allegedly trying to bribe BJP MPs during the UPA government trust vote in 2008 adequately brings the government again in the dock of suspicion.

Since its inception, and after having completed half of the year what we notice is a handful of scams, tragedies running in succession, backed with an agitation movement of the satyagrahis, “ anna hazare” and others in a campaign to drive away corruption and its seeds from Indian soils. As a witness to all these tragic events what is our role here is, to give up that reckless attitude of “chalta hai” tpyz and gear up to start one such movement matching to the tunes of Tunisia and Egypt.


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