Be a Handsome Cowgirl With The Gucci New Pelham Shoulder Bag

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Sometimes it’s good to try something different and fun. So have you ever wanted to be a handsome cowgirl? Since the 40s last century, films about cowboys have swept all screens. The attractive images and uninhibited personality had captured lots of urban residents who had to face all the concrete skyscrapers all the time. Apart from the lifestyle that they tell us about, they have also brought us some ideas in the fashion designers. This time Gucci’s answer to the cowboy culture includes the New Pelham shoulder bag, showing its unique way to interpret this new element, noble while wild, stubborn while delicate.

This bag comes out as one part of the Gucci bags 2010 collection. The designer knows clearly what lots of urban ladies are seeking after. They want to find themselves an ambitious and bold way expressing what they want. For these ladies, instead of being called pretty girls, they would rather want others to know they’ve got personalities. And this New Pelham shoulder bag has without a doubt done a great job to meet these ladies’ needs. Classic as it is, this bag appeal to its fans with the seductive, charming, even amusing side of roughness. It has to some degree shown us a kind of cowgirl spirit that makes it so widely admired. These ladies call their own shots and takes pride in their work.

Apart from this model, we’ve seen it comes in some other materials and colors, such as the ones in Guccisima leather and even straws. And with these variants Gucci has managed to express something different and meet different requirements. In addition, the versatility of this bag and superb craftsmanship from this fashion house has all contributed to its huge popularity. It’s going to worth the money you have to pay for it. However, designer bags, sadly but truly, have not been created for all people. They usually belong to the rich, while break the hearts of common buyers. So why not lower your requirements just a little bit and go for the top grade replica Gucci bags, which also perform fabulously in appearances and quality.


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