What is an Auto Responder

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Having an auto responder saves a lot of hard work, and is basically your customer support
What the auto responder can achieve in minutes would take us forever and is a great addition to anyone marketing online. The sole purpose of this wonderful invention is to store your prospects names and email addresses but it doesn’t stop there it also sends out your offers and messages to your list personalising each one by using the prospects first names or surnames or both.
When you personalise your message this creates a sense of trust and your emails will get opened most of the time you send them to your list.. Have you ever been out to a restaurant or bar and they know you by name that tells me they care about me and build a rapport that creates a better business relationship for them.
Remember your list is your business so treat it nicely and it will repay you greatly. The really great thing about these auto responders is they work around the clock 24/7 which means you can send your messages out around the world that means more money for you even while you’re sleeping.
Another great use for your auto responder is using it to distribute your articles especially if you have lots as this can be quite tedious doing it one by one. Most people won’t buy from you right away, less than 15% of people who visit your site are impulse buyers many need time to think about things before they commit to buying from you. Auto responders can be used to promote your latest project by generating excitement and interest in a step by step fashion slowly releasing snippets of information about your product keeping the list motivated and captivated and then a couple of days before launch the ones that previewed your offer can b e given the option to buy at pre release prices. Now you can see how an auto responder can be an important asset to any business.
When using this system it’s important not to spam or scam anyone this will lead to prosecution in some american states nobody likes getting spam emails and it wont do your  business any favours.Another great thing about this system is you can target anywhere in the world as you can send your messages in different languages.there usually is a small fee for using a auto responder but you will find it’s worth every penny a great asset to any business


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