What Causes Stretch Marks?

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Do you have stretch marks?
Or do you sometimes when working on the streets see people with stretch marks?

If you have, then, have you ever try to find out the causes of stretch marks?
If you haven’t, read on and learn some of the causes of stretch marks I have listed below.

It is very common when walking on the streets to see people with stretch marks. Each time I see them, the first thoughts that comes my mind is if only they knew what causes stretch marks they would have been able to some extent prevent it or stop it from getting worse.

Causes of stretch marks

The following are some of the causes of stretch marks:

1. Extreme stretching of the skin: When your skin stretches too rapidly, it keeps the skin from returning to its original condition. Thus, causing a tear in the middle layer of your skin. Which in turn causes stretch marks.

What causes these extreme stretching?
Extreme stretching of the skin is commonly as a result of the following:

a) Rapid weight gain or lose: When you gain or lose large amount of weight in a short period of time, your skin is likely going to stretch, thereby causing stretch marks.
This is common with people who are obese, who eat lots of junk food and people who take in drugs to increase or reduce their weight.

b) Body building: Body building can result in the skin being stretched and keep it from returning back if the skin is not well protected.
There are several other causes of extreme stretching of the skin.

2. Hormonal issues: The use of hormones such as steroid can cause significant changes throughout the body. Thus leading to stretch marks developing on your skin.
When there is a sudden burst of growth common during pregnancy and during changes experienced by teens can also result in stretch marks. This is the reason why many people had their stretch marks when they were teen.

3. Genetic factors: Stretch marks are hereditary. In other words, it can be passed from parents to children. So, if your mother or father has stretch marks, it probably means you are likely going to have it.

The above are some of the causes of stretch marks. Now you know, you must do something now to prevent it.


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