E=Commerce And Shopping Mistery

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What’s the connection between these two? How can you evaluate an e-commerce business by methods of/ using mystery shopping?
Well, the answer can approach a few ways. First, think what are the junctions where you need to evaluate your people?

In e-commerce it can be:

1. Getting the incoming calls and close the deal (telemarketing)

2. Customer service – dealing with issues brought by client via phone

3. “Up – sale” skills- maintaining the client and offering your clientele a data base

with more products and services

In any of these 3 options, you, as the business manager, would like to have an objective evaluation and to have another “eye” to look at the performance of your worker.

How does it work?
Starting a secret shopping process brings along, in fact, the checking of some critical questions, such as: should I tell my employees that I’m checking them? Is it fair to do it without training the workers? Am I looking to fail them or to motivate them to have better results? What is the best way to announce the results – one on one (1:1) or as a team? …
The manager will usually need a consultant, trainer or the human resource specialists in order to deal with these super important issues. The next steps will be to define the goals together with the company that will provide the “secret shopping” services.
It is important to be clear and unrest with them! They are here in order to assist you reach your targets. Step number 3 is creating the ideal scenario that the checking will be based on.

For example, if we are checking call centre services skills, we need to build the perfect script that each and every operator needs to know by heart and will be checked for following. Doing this steps will be possible only if the secret shopping company will know exactly the procedures exists in the company they check or at least what is expected from the workers.
After approving the methods, the real action will start – the mystery shoppers will start calling to your call center pretending to be a normal client. Usually they will record the calls.
Step 5 will be writing down the transcriptions by adhering to what happened in each and every call. This transcription will be a base for a personal report on each one of the operators.
If the process is followed by a serious company they will add also their comments and ideas about what is needed to be done.
After finishing the reports, the secret shopping company will meet the management and present the evidence.
The final step should be providing the feedback to the workers and it is usually comes with training.

What’s in it for me?
I haven’t met yet a company that didn’t want to have secret shopping process. It is actually the desire of each manger, as it is an objective tool for real… it is usually a matter of priority in the marketing budget. Sometimes, the middle level management will try to prevent the process from happening because they try to “hide” that they are non – successful or non cooperative with their team.
The major benefits you can archive by doing secret shopping in your company may be:

– Getting you manager focused in their goals

– An objective tool to evaluate real-time performance

– Immediate improvement- as your worker knows they are under checking….

– Tracking the improvement during the year by comparing results

Don’t forget, at the end of the day it is all about the way to put the “message”- if you will take this tool and use it for creating positive environment, you will have most successful results.


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