Marketing Effectively Through Your Article

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When it comes to marketing online many web site owners opt to try their hand at advertising to begin their online presence.

One method often chosen is the “solo ad.” A solo ad is a standalone mailing sent to an individual list owner’s readers. When you don’t have your own list, or want to expand your reach online by using another person’s list, the solo ad fits the bill.

The “disadvantage” of the solo ad is the fact that typically it is a one (or two) time mailing. The subject line is the only portion initially seen by the reader since the mailing arrives in that person’s inbox. Use an uninspiring subject line, and your solo ad is deleted without even being read.

Opened, the solo ad body itself must be compelling enough to get that reader to click and go to your website, or perform the action you are hoping to achieve. Once at the site, the web page itself must be strong enough to “close the sale.”

Solo ads can be effective, but more often than not larger amounts of money must first be expended to come up with the “perfect solo ad,” an ad that achieves the desired action – the visit to your web site.

If you’ve been online for any length of time, you may already be familiar with the advantages of writing articles. Any successful online marketer usually includes the benefits of article writing in his/her ebooks, courses, web site, etc. When it comes to long-term “advertising” (which translates into great “marketing” of yourself and your web site), article writing is one thing no web site owner cannot not do. Ignoring the benefits of article writing is one mistake every web site owner should go to great pains to avoid making. You must write!

However, article writing is an art form – not only must you be continuously creative, but you also must have the “stick to it” capacity to write at least monthly for effectiveness. Weekly is ideal!

Then once your article is written, you must have the wherewithal to submit your new creation to not one or two but dozens of article directories. Inserting your article into a mailing and “blasting” it out to directories is never effective. Hand selection of the correct category for your article should be your top priority.

As a web site owner, it is important that you see the difference between the solo ad and article writing.

One is a shot in the dark – because typically no one is anticipating receiving your offer in solo/advertising form. Solo ads, no matter how well-selected a list may be, are still cold marketing.

The article, conversely, is warm marketing. Articles are read by readers intentionally looking for what your article covers. In addition, articles are picked up by publishers and other web site owners and used as content for their own visitors and readers.

It is important to note that an article cannot be written like an ad. That is not the purpose of an article. An article needs to be informative, possibly entertaining, and “broad based.” The resource, or About the Author, box is where you state who you are and what you are interested in promoting. Written incorrectly and your article will be refused by the directory owner(s). Written and submitted correctly and, again, your article is self-perpetuating.

Wise web site owners use a balanced blend of both solo ad advertising and warm market article writing to achieve their desired result – visitors to their web sites!


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