Collecting Morgan Silver Dollars

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Individuals who are seeking a way to invest in silver may wish to consider Morgan silver dollars. These coins are favorites among coin collectors because of the high composition of silver in them. This makes them the ideal choice for those who want to purchase silver in a high quality form. These coins have 90 percent silver making up their content, making them one of the higher concentrations of silver coin available. The fact that they are good-looking and readily available also adds to the benefits of investing in these coins for your collecting needs. For many, the benefits of coin collecting are all about having the right coins.

If you plan to collect the Morgan silver dollars for any reason, know what to look for and what to expect. The following information can help you to do this.

• First, realize there were intermittent mints of this coin by the United States Mint from 1878 through 1921.

• The coin’s silver composition is 90 percent and the other 10 percent of the coin’s makeup is copper, which provides more stability and hardness to the coin.

• The silver in these coins comes specifically from the Comstock Lode in Nevada.

• If you collect these coins, you may wish to do so because of a particular age or a mint, though some will invest in these coins just to have at least one of each of the various options. Some are rarer, or harder to find, than others are.

• Serious collectors do invest in the Morgan silver dollar, often because they have a high value to them.

When you purchase the Morgan silver dollars, look for their quality. These coins have a reeded edge to them. They have mintmarks including:

• None, from Philadelphia
• CC, from Carson City Mint
• D, from the Denver Mint
• O, from the New Orleans Mint
• S, from the San Francisco Mint
Look at the detailing of the coins, too, with Lady Liberty’s profile on the obverse of the coin and the bald eagle with its wings open on the reverse of the coin.

The coin is a handsome one, but many people collect them not for this reason but rather because of the high quality silver grade in them. Find out what Morgan silver dollars can add to your investment portfolio, or at least what they will do to your collection.


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