How to Start Earning Money on The Internet With Secret Tricks And Tips Marketing

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The first steps tohaving a home page
1Findthe hostingof the page
Search forsites thatlocamspace forpages, preferhostingoffer
accountsFront Page,FrontPageaccountslet you createwith ease
impressiveforms,counters, guestbooks,mailing lists,maps
siteand other resourcesthat evenalay personcan learnin a short timeto update
your pages ifyou do not haveexperience increating pagesthis is thebest optionfor
youcantake thetimetoupdate your site.
The other typeof account,theaccountsareupdatedvia FTPorthe pagesyou create
on your computer andtransfer theminto space byanFTP program.
Bewarethe trap ofsomeproviders, itwill tellyou thatasa customer
him,that housing(onlyyou)xactualcosts,when in factthe priceis often
times moreexpensive thanother places, customersfall into theillusion ofa friend ofoz., search
wellbefore decidingto hireahosting, you can notkeep changing
providerall the time,this will causecustomerslosses.In additionto itssignature
Internethas nothing todo withyour hosting, people confusetoo many addresses
e-mail and web address(thewebsite)you can havemultiple email accounts
and severalpages ondifferent providers.

There are goodhosting atvery lowcosts ………

2 – Define the name of your page
If you decide to have your own domain, look for a name that is easy and short, avoid names
foreign and complicated, the name should be memorable, to search for a
domain already exists, visit and see if the name already exists
3 – A cheaper alternative and less bureaucratic
Companies like yourname vserver and provide spaces that do not require registration
domain, for example, the http://www.nome like my page
What is your name or that creates subdomains
http://www.nome da_ as page one of my clients this is a cheap alternative, the hosting costs about
$ 8 to $ 10 dollars monthly.
4 – Another fantastic alternative – REDUCTION URL
One of the more tedious when creating a website is dealing with addresses
asça/suburbio/9999/suapagina.htm. To end
inconvenience this has created many services address redirection. In
Indeed none of these sites will offer space for your site, they only offer a
new address, shorter and easier to remember. Most of them include some type of
propaganda. There are dozens (maybe hundreds) of these websites. We have made a selection
leading them. Here they are: – Displaying a banner on your site you get an address
beginning with “”, “”, “” or dozens of other option (eg / Porretta). It is hardly a free subdomain, such as is offered by some
competitors, but it is a short address and friendly. You are required to place a banner
on your site, accept the inclusion of a window “pop up” or a delay of several seconds in
loading your site (during that time an ad appears in).
CyberName – Your new address would be “seunome.webpage.
net “(or several other options such as’s free, but all see
your site is accessed by a pop up window appears with an ad.
CJB – His new address is
An excellent option as it is not necessary to include any type of ad. – Your address would be: / yourname (eg / Porretta). Banners appear automatically.

InternetJump – Your address can be or any one of several options. It has ads, but the site
looks pretty amateur.
Domains Brazil – With this service offered by Inova (brasileira!) you can create
a free address like They offer dozens of
different options. The only drawback is the inclusion of a banner on your site. – Offers free addresses redirected type
“ / john” or “ / john”.
VDirect – Offers redirected addresses in the format
“” (more than other options). If you pay the registration fee
domain can have your own domain at no additional cost.
Findhere – The address given is the model
“” It is mandatory that a banner is inserted into your site. The
service is maintained by a student who seems to be quite friendly.
TSX – The address given is a “”
Sawasdee – The address given is the standard
“Http://” It is not necessary to include any kind of advertising.
Homepad – offers dozens of different addresses. It appears
a pop up automatically.
IsCool – By registering on this site the URL of your site would be the
format “” A window with banner automatically.
EuOrg – A European organization that offers in subdomains
format “” free and without any advertising.
Important Elements to Consider
Before you begin submitting your site for search engines and get the results, we
recommend that you do a thorough evaluation of your site and consider the elements
Please search engines in mind when building your site: Search Machines
consider different elements in different time to add your page to their base
data. For example, Alta Vista, Hot Bot, Lycos and WebCrawler use of technology
“Spiders” (spiders) that visit your site and look at the title and text of your web pages and
index based on content. Other machines are used in turn forms
allowing submissions of titles and descriptions. So develop your site with titles
strong and always express the content of your site, your business or services early in their
web pages.
Web Site Title: This is perhaps the most important element to think about when
want to advertise your site for search engines. When people do a search
search the page titles in the database, that match the keywords
submitted. Remember, this is advertising for your site. Use words that effectively
describe your site, business, products and services. Be creative with your title and do not use
general expressions as My Home Page or my company name. No one is
looking for that. Do not advertise anything you can not comply because if someone visits your
site and verify that it is not true you have lost potential customers forever!

There are studies that say it takes about 3-5 visits to your site by a consumer
potential before buying it. So give your visitors reasons why they always
return and not reasons for them ever again! And do not use letters
CAPITALS. It is clear that there are people who get angry with them.
Use META commands: Use the META tags KEYWORDS and META DESCRIPTION in
each of its pages. They are used by many search engines. They allow
you control how your site will be described and which categories will appear.
Here’s the part that should contain the beginning of your pages

Put your page title title>

CONTENT = “Put a description of the site”>

CONTENT = “place, words, key, separated by a comma,”>
Use Keywords: Use descriptive keywords and appropriate, not only in
META commands but in the entire text of your page. Robots will like WebCrawler
visit their website automatically (after you have submitted your URL), check the
title and text, and determine which were the words that appear more frequently.
When someone does a search on WebCrawler using the keyword, it appears
in a list along with other documents that have the same keyword. The
that appear in the top of the list are those that have more similarities. Study the Use and
Search machines: You who are becoming more professional, you should familiarize yourself with the
search different machines out there. Make visits to them and try various searches
possible with keywords that potential customers could use to find
information about what your business offers. This will give you an idea about how each
of a search engine returns the information you researched. For example: It seeks
Listed by similarities in the title, content description, or both? She rates
listings and, if it does, that way, giving notes?
Thus after a few tests with the search you will be able to find the best
way to ensure its visibility and be easily located by persons seeking
the content provided by your web site.
Finally read the FAQs and pages of instructions on how to submit your site. Remember
they want you to do the right way. The contents of the search engines and the
their product and the success of both parties is based on the quality of information that is

Preparation of Web Site Promotion:
Do not go out like a desperate submitting your web site. This is perhaps the most
investment in your business you do online and you want to do this right the
first time. There are millions of web sites on the Internet and yourself, personally, already
encountered sites that appears when the page you cancel the transfer and passes
another page.
So you should ensure that your website is, in fact, not only attracting
visitors, but also converting some of them into buyers and customers and taking
others to create a link to your site.
The information you are adding in the databases out there will
last a long time and now you make any mistakes, it also accompanied by a
long time. Quit surfing around and learn more about the web, search engines and their
competition. Develop a policy regarding the exchange of links, club banners,
associations with other companies and what types of links you want on your site.
Below are some ideas to prepare for the promotion of your web site. Above all
you will need an Archive Web Site Promotion. It is simply a file
containing text in one place (and previously typed) all the information you
may need time to submit your site to several different places. We
recommend that you use a simple text editor such as Notepad or
notepad, this allows you to not waste your time because it allows you to do
searches in the text and speeding the process of inclusion of your site in search engines.
In building the Archive Web Site Promotion do the following:
Create a list of pages that must be submitted: See your site and decide if more than
an addition to the main page should be submitted in search engines. Some
will link all the pages of your site only with the inclusion of your homepage,
however, many are not prepared to do that. For each page that is included
make sure you have an individual title and description.
Create Site Description: Spend some time and effort into it. Use your research on
search engines to help you. As there are machines that use various sizes of
description fields do several different descriptions we recommend the following
sizes: 10 words, 15 words, 25 words, 35 words and 50 words.
Create a list of key words: Just as the descriptions, use their research and lose
some time developing your list of words. This is a major source for
search engines categorize your website. List them in order of importance,
when he has to undergo some place that does not allow all your list, you can
select only the main keywords. 

Contact Information:Include thenameof your Company,Address,Phone,Fax;
Contact Name,E-Mail.Some consultants(and in factsome customers
actuallyshowfeelmore comfortablethat way)clearlyrecommendthe
Streetaddress(av,etc.).We personallydisagree withthis view, since
the online worldhas littlerelationship with reality, sofollowits own policy
in relation tothis.
Site Information:This item isvery important, youneed to check thatall pages
your sitecontains the addressof the home page,customersdo not alwaysenterthe
front doorof your site,as somesearch enginesrecordand notall pages
only theprincipal,so if yourcliententers intoapage thatis not the main
hewill be able tofindthe front door,the mostInternet-savvy
know thatif you open apagesimplytype
example.htmdelete the wordaddressand will beon the mainsite,but many
usersare inexperienced andneedhelp.Attention notonly buttonsplace
to return to themain page, it isimportant that you putthe addressin writing to the
If the clientprint out yourpage, itcanreturn to itsimply by typing the
address that waspreviously printedin the browser.

Advertise your website for search engines
Although these offerings are a way to get your site listed quickly, without spending a lot
money and with virtually no effort on your part (we think at first
time can be great) but, in fact, no one replaces the owner’s hand, which
as no one knows your business and that is usually recommended for the best person to speak
about your company to millions of potential customers on the Internet. Spending an hour a day
this task soon become expert in getting the best placement
your business in multiple listings.
With all this in mind you now just need to have their data by hand to start immediately
post your web site efficiently and effectively:
Please open your file and Promotion Web Site File System Assessment
Promotion: You must have created both files as described above. If you
you have done your research properly you should not make any changes, but be prepared to
be flexible, since some of the various search engines may require information
additional. So it’s a good idea to use a database program that allows change
update, organize and filter their information. Keep them open during their visits to
submissions. Just copy and paste the information submitted on the forms in the database.
Visit the Home of Each machine Search: Do not just include the page and exit
making the submission. Start at home and take a look at the site. Give a search using
your key words and see what happens. Run a check on the competition and find out why they
appeared in your search. See their descriptions and if possible a visit on their website. Give
balcony in a search engine and determine your audience, how they evaluate or review their
listings, any awards they have received and capture any information that might help you
to ensure maximum visibility for your information. Check the site organization. If
just a long list of links without structure, list your and get out. These sites are more work
that results, but several linked and work with a great title until you can get
some traffic, and this is the idea from the beginning!
Categories Choose carefully: If your site offers categories for your site lists the
choose carefully! Many of these sites limit the number of categories where you can
list your site, so no waste. Think like a potential customer and choose the categories
do you think they would choose to find your products and services. If customers
potential that would benefit from their products and services can not find their
information on where they look, like you would not exist.
Be Prepared: Have all information ready. Be sure to fill all
form fields (they are there for a reason). If you are not prepared to provide
all the information then you are not prepared to promote your site. There are many sites
that do not list contact information and so many potential customers simply
pass on to another site. Be proud of your business and get ready to offer other
ways for your customers to contact you. Follow all the rules and read fully
sometimes form before submitting it as any errors will be listed for a long
time and may bring more harm than good.

Hands toWork
Theexchange systemis very interesting becauseBannersdiscloseyour page usinga
random systemview, you certainlymust havevisited a sitewhere he saw
belowall,some bannersbeing loaded,and certainlyhavebeen interested into visit him,
enough for thisonejustclickover the designs.This is exactly how
works, yousign up for thedissemination systempledgingBanner
put the codein yourhtmlpages, eachtime yourpage isloaded, the
Banneris loaded andcounted, usually everytwobanners youdisplay,displays
abannerof your pageinanother pageof associates.
This service is freebut can bepaid ifthe advertiserwantsto beyour banner
displayedmore oftenregardless of how manyhits(visits) thatit generated.
The bannershould bepretty neatso you canattract the curiosityof the visitor, he
shouldfeel the call ofadvertising,the bannercan be animatedtoo, orisshowing 2or
3frames, thespecifications for thesize and number ofbytesvariesaccording to the
system beforemounting thebannercheck theregulation of thesystemto whichbanners
want toregister.They are usuallyvery strictabout thespecs.
Be honest, do not dobannersthat indicateonething andshowanother,usually
usergets annoyedwith itand there isanopposite effectto what youwouldget.

Beware of the weight of the banners on your pages if you put too many banners
a page that is already heavy, or is already displays many texts and images, will ultimately
affecting navigation and the user will get tired when you visit their pages.
– Do not play expertinho reloading your page several times so that the banners
account for more hits, or place settings that restore your page several
Sometimes, teams are able to know whether you are inflating the system to
advantage. and automatically cancel your registration in the system.
Programs to build Banners
You can use Paint Shop Pro is a shareware program for editing images
Available for download on the Internet (visit or better, if you want visit automatically create banner they have a system
called wizard that automatically creates the banner, you choose background, size and type of
font, color etc..
Some sites who list Banners brasil24 ~ /
Inclusion in Search Engines
Here is a good start to your journey in search of customers and more visits to their
page. We list some of the major search engines and classified the Internet,
dedicating a half-hour a day you can get a considerable number of visits to
your site.
Mega Inclusion – sites that make registration in several places at once
search submit is submitting your site in various search engines SisCad – System Registration Site have a system that registers for inclusion on your site
22 search engines simultaneously. (Fantastic)
An important tip: make a list of all files with extension htm or html
contained on your home page – there are sites you can register one by one example of altavista and Registering all
pages you may be able to receive visitors.

It isrecommended that you writethe nameand addressof the site thatdidregister– for
after about10 daysbe able to checkif it reallywas included– always havea file
txtin Notepaddonewith thesenotes so thatyou do notmiss.
Below are somesearch engines toregister,if youpropose topromote your sitein
a month, includingevery day insearch engines, soonwill haveatraffic
reasonable,but remember, just doyour registrationwhen you thinkyour site is
obeyingthe items younotedabove,“MetaTags”and “Description” andthetitle
appropriatepages,also make surethat your pagesappear inthe electronic
Siteand referenceof the company.
http://www.starmedia.comStarmedia– Bookmark– Brazil Business– Brazil
http://www.cits.brcits– Compass
http://www.guiabrasil.netBrazilGuide– InternetBR– Found
http://www.infoseek.comInfoseekçador– Mistral Land to Go– OpaAmazon– Radarreuters

Organizing Your Mail Merge
Have a form on your website where people interested in your products and services
to register, organize all these addresses and send e-mail periodically
information to them, careful not to set up in SPAM that is not advertising
required, always include the end of your emails phrases like “You visited my home
page and left his address for this reason we are sending news, if you do not want
to receive this newsletter, send us an email.
A good program to send information to many customers is that P & T Mailer
small program sends e-mail from a list in a dbf file, this file can
be generated in Excel, simply select the area of ​​e-mails and save as file
dbf (d-base)
Direct Approach
You can make a direct approach via e-mail addresses in public directories and classified on the
your product or service, but be careful to make observations similar to those
described below at the end or the beginning of the e-mail, not to hurt the etiquette and manners,
do not go sending emails to default, see if the person really fits your audience
(Message at the beginning or end of the e-mail)
I sent this email to you for a few reasons:
I found your email on a public interest in the subject with
I found your email on a site classified as opportunities (or such a subject) and
As an entrepreneur I know is I decided to send it over this business opportunity.
If it is not of interest to you please disregard.
John Doe
Tech Tip: Set up your e-mail approach in a text file in Notepad, save
in C: then enter your e-mail program and settings, look for the
signature item, this item redirect the program to include this message in every email
created or completed.
Now enter classified sites or lists in the public area of ​​your interest and find
your target customer, clicking on the e-mail address of the person, the text file automatically loads the
e-mail created, so you do not have work to copy and paste the text each time it is
send e-mail, when you no longer want the text, remove it from the signature settings
your program.

Evaluatingyour work
Obviously theevaluation oftheir workis theprofit you arehaving with their
business,but on the Internet, sometimesyou do not getthe desired resultdirectlybut
indirectly, so youneed to evaluatethe success ratewith visitorsto your site and
know where you aregoing rightor wrong,statistics claimthat customers willvisit him
twoor threetimes beforepurchasing the product.
Acheap alternativeis to putameter thatanalyzesthe frequencyof your site
theCounteris an excellentalternative because itanalyzestraffichits a dayfromfields
who visited(countries), whatkeywordspeopleusedto find your
site,and many otheruseful information such asthebrowser you are usingand thescreen definition
that usedin addition havethe traffic informationby month,dayofweekand
hours.The address ishttp://www.theCounter.comjustto registerand copy the source
html tothe very endof your page.
Trick: Putyour counterto startcounting from1000or 2000,people will find
that thesite alreadyhas manyvisitors, butdo not overdo it!
InTheCounter, youcan open thestats pageand follow the resultsof his
site daily.
Some considerationson tradevia Internet
In a recentconversation withafriend,curious andthoseentrepreneurswho know how tolook
information togeneratenew business, hetold methat in a largestore
departmentsin Florida, only10%of its productsare soldover the Internet.Note
that the store sells55%of its salesviacatalog,through the mailor contacts
phone.Thestore siteis attractive(though notcomplete).The products are delivered


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