6 Myths of Food & Exercise

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Here are some myths that need to be exploded –

  1. Most people avoid eating starchy foods because they believe that they will gain weight. That’s not true. Foods such as rice, bread and pasta are low in fat and calories, but if consumed in large quantities, or had high-fat sauces or toppings, they can add calories.
  2. You will lose weight just by skipping breakfast. This is not true because if you do not have your breakfast, you will be so hungry mid-morning, you will have a snack rich in calories. You feel you need something to fill you up so you eat more than you really need. If you have a sensible breakfast, like cereal and fruit, you fell satisfied for a longer period because corn takes time to digest. The most sensible to plan your daily diet is to make breakfast for your big meal with a good lunch or light dinner. Studies of 35,000 adolescents showed that those who skipped breakfast weighed more (on average) than those who had regular meals in the morning.
  3. There is a belief that you tend to eat more after exercise. This is not the case. Studies of those who are moderate to intense exercise have shown no increase in hunger or desire to eat more. This shows that if you continue to exercise and eat the same amount of food you have always done, you will lose weight because you will burn more calories than you did before, and the imbalance of energy will lead to weight loss. If you walk quickly for an hour, you burn about 250 calories by dancing burns around 300 calories or more.
  4. The number of women to avoid weight lifting exercise, because they feel threatened to take them to develop bulky muscles. According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, lifting weights to help strengthen the muscles and makes a good, if done two or three times a week. It is just a very intense workout strength training that can build big muscles.
  5. It is said that men lose weight faster than women, and it is shown that this is true. Studies carried out in 10 years and 1,000 men and women must participate and make the same amount of exercise have shown that men, on average, do not have about three pounds more than the number of women over time.
  6. Are you afraid of gaining weight, people tend to starve themselves during the night, because they have heard that if you eat late at night you can get a kilo. This is not true. If you have extra pounds at any time of day or night, your body will store as fat.

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