Who Is The Typical Business Golfer?

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In the past, it may have been easier to identify the typical business golfer. They may have been older, established gentlemen, who had succeeded in life and in business. They may have worn grey suits to the office, and been traditionalists.

These days, however, the typical business golfer is about as typical as the entrepreneur is themselves. They are just as likely to be the twenty-year-old computer whiz kid in Converse sneakers as they are to be the distinguished gentleman who sits in the corner office.

The typical business golfer these days cannot be picked out of a crowd based on how he (or she) looks, but there are still similarities between them, under the surface.

They Are Passionate

If there is one common trait that every business golfer shares with every other business golfer, it is a passion for the game of golf, and for the business world. Combining business and golf is the perfect way for them to combine those two passions, and they tend to spend plenty of time doing both.

It’s multi tasking at it’s best for the movers and shakers out there, and there seems to be no stopping the number of entrepreneurs taking their passion for business to the golf course.

They Are Social, and They Are Competitive

Your typical business golfer is probably an entrepreneur who has either already reached success, or is well on their way, thanks to many different traits, two of which (sociability and competitiveness) they can express perfectly on the course, and in the boardroom.

These golfers enjoy being around people, which makes them both great golfers, and great sales people, and they like to test themselves constantly, which is exactly what every great entrepreneur should be doing, on the course and off.

They Are Focused On Learning and Growing

Today’s business golfers are not all fantastic on the course – yet. Many may not have reached the critical turning point in their business either, where they find true success, but they are fully engaged in the process, and they are committed to growing and learning.

The new business golfer understands that in business, as in golf, you start at the bottom, and climb gradually until you reach success, and they are willing to put in the work it takes to get there.

They Know the Importance of Relationships

Business has always been about relationships, but as the world has gotten smaller, thanks to the internet and other technologies, and since competition in business has gotten stronger, it has become more important than ever to create and sustain mutually beneficial business relationships. The new business golfer knows that, and uses their time on the golf course to create connections with the people they play with.

The good news for the modern business golfer is that they are no longer alone in pursuing these goals, on the course or off. There are innovative programs that are marrying the best in business learning, networking, and sharing with the passion and fun of golf. That allow you to mix the social aspects of golf seamlessly into your business, and that combine everything with growth and learning.

Again, it’s multi tasking at it’s best, and it’s the way of the future.


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