Positive Attitude Towards Life

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Human life consists of succession of small events, each of which is comparatively unimportant and yet the happiness and success of every man depends upon the manner in which these small events are dealt with. we lead our life according to our tendency towards the life. some of us are full of positive while some are of negative. Being a human we all are sick of imperfection, greed, jealous and hurt-hearted etc. Our whole life is a complexion of thoughts. It makes us confused some time like- What to do?, How to do?, When to do etc.  

                                        Life comes to us as a challenge every time. but if we take some positive steps we could deal with our life smoothly. All of us need to do one thing that is self improvement. Before pointing the finger at others , we need to check out mistakes. So that we wouldn’t regret over what we have done. If we take any criticize in a positive way, that could be a great thing for us. As all of you know  that every thing has two aspects one is good and second is bad. Read a whole story of a painter who got benefited by criticizing-

                                        A  painter of eminence had once resolved to finish a piece of art which should please the whole world. when, therefore, he had drawn a picture in which his utmost skill was exhausted, it was exposed in public market-place, with directions at bottom for every spectator to mark with a brush, that lay by, every limb and feature which seemed erroneous. The spectators come and in general applauded; but each, willing to show his talent at criticism, marked whatever he thought improper. At evening, when the painter came, he was mortified to find the whole picture one universal blot-not a single stroke that had not the marks of disapprobation. Not satisfied with this trial, the next day he resolved to try in a different manner and exposing his picture as before, desired to every spectator would mark those beauties he approved or admired. The people complied; and artist,  returning, found his picture covered with the remarks of beauty. This is what he wanted.  

                                          If any person criticizes you and make you disappointed, let him do his work  because it is well said that no one can please everyone. There is no point getting  upset about something you have no control  over. Instead, lighten up and try to see the funny side of life. Always try your best no matter what the effect would be. In general , things are not so bad as they seem. Always love your self  and others too. It will bring a positive attitude inside you. Find your abilities to do the things. Never let your self sink into the ego and arrogance which make our life miserable. Be positive and polite. It would bring a change of heart in the people around you. And you will be the creator of happy world.                                                                                      


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