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Here is a great way to earn tons of Subscribers/Positive Comments/Likes/Video Views/Channel Views on YouTube. I use these sites and so far it has been fantastic for me. What you have to do for site number 1 is:

  1. Click this link(or copy and paste into web browser): http://www.enhanceviews.net/rpage.php?spec=40287&splash=0
  2. Sign up

  3. Click on free offers

  4. Click on auto comment and authenticate a YouTube account that you don’t care puts comments on other people’s videos. If you don’t want your main channel to do this sign up for a spam YouTube account like I did. You will then auto comment on a video every 5 minutes earning 100 credits each which I will explain later.

  5. *Bonus step* If you have Firefox on your computer you can also go to auto watch videos and have your computer do that as well for 3 credits every 5 seconds only with Firefox though sorry.

  6. Then click Subscribers and click proceed if you don’t see this re-authenticate a YouTube account. This will then automatically subscribe you to another person’s channel every 2.5 minutes for 1 subscriber credits

  7.  Here is something else you can do go back under free offers and click anything under quick offers the site will explain how to do those.

  8. Another thing you can do is refer people to the site. You earn 10% of whatever they make.

  9.  These are the current payouts: 1 view=20 credits 1 comment/like=50 credits 1 subscriber=1 subscriber credit plus 50 normal credits or $1=1,000 credits but I suggest to do the free offers instead of paying it’s a lot simpler!

  10. When you think you have enough credits go to redeem credits and follow the sites instructions to get whatever you want! Here is what you have to do for site number 2-(You need a Twitter account for this if you don’t have one go make one its really easy.)

  11.  Go to www.twiends.com

  12. Sign up by using your twitter account it will say that on the front page.

  13. Then click hook up twitter account in the twitter section right after that go to your twitter section and go to setting and make sure that you aren’t giving your seeds away for people following you unless you want people to follow you on twitter.

  14. You can then stay in the twitter section following as many people as you want make sure you get tons of seeds.

  15. Then go to the YouTube section and sign up as many videos as you want up you can then set how many seeds you are willing to give away from your account every time someone watches your video.

  16. Repeat steps as necessary.

  17. Here is what you have to do for site number 3-(You need any web browser EXCEPT Internet Explorer and Opera.) Click this link or copy and paste into web browser: http://www.u2bviews.com/referral/6311/
  18. Sign up

  19. Click Surf

  20. You will now watch videos for credits 1 viewed video gives you 1 credit 2 credits gets your YouTube video 1 view. Leave it on overnight and you usually get 1000 credits which is 500 views.

Thanks for taking the time in reading this guide hopefully you will learn from this and increase your YouTube channel! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

The End!


                                  Austin Leonard


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