Self Enlightenment

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We are living in a materialistic world where everyone is trying to achieve a lot of thing in short span of time. People are tense to see that any other person is ahead of them and thus they try o catch up the other who is wealthier than them. This is a kind of race which ends nowhere rather we need to know our limitation to which we have to stick. Actually it is the need of the hour to restrict ourselves in terms of materialism. Thus we have to know our self. This self is nothing but the soul which is missing in us through the journey of materialism. 

self enlightenment is the stage where a person find no wants and needs for his life. There are very few who have achieved this. to proceed in the path of self enlightenment one must  think beyond his self interest. The day when an person starts thinking for the betterment of others namely other individual, society he/she starts his\her journey for self enlightenment. In the journey of self enlightenment self realization is the key. a person must realize his\her existence. The journey of self realization starts with the realization of the difference between body and soul. as matter of fact it is very clear that body has a limited age and soul is eternal so a person who have realize the difference between body and his\her soul is really the different then other. We should believe in inner beauty of any person but the reality is something different. People usually prefer to have outer beauty and always admire of it. Fact is this that outer beauty has to end on one day self realization is the first step towards the achievement of self enlightenment. Actually until we are not having self realization we will not be having self enlightenment. For this it is very necessary to have a single goal of achieving the height of the life.

Therefore we need to take a stand on it and try to go on the path of self realization which leads to the achievement of self enlightenment.


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