Chocolate And Raspberry Cheesecake

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The temptation of having this cake is hard to resist. Let me tell you, if you are very tired and want to relax, just lay back and have a big serving of this wonderful desert. I am sure that with in minutes of having this cake you will be rejuvenated and overflowing with energy. The superb combination of chocolate and raspberry makes it a very delightful and tasteful recipe.

Although, not much is known regarding who was behind the discovery of these yummy cheese cakes. It is believed that nearly 3, 000 years ago Romans spread its recipe in the course of winning various foreign estates. Chocolate and raspberry cheesecake is yet another variety of cheesecakes which is very famous. The recipe is very easy to follow and simple ingredients are used to make this desert. Hence, anyone can try it. Below, the ingredients and directions to make this cake are mentioned elaborately.

Major ingredients are 5 tablespoons of unsalted butter, nearly ½ cup of granulated sugar, 4 eggs, 1 cup sour cream, 8 ounces of chocolate wafer, raspberry flavored syrup, ½ cup cream, cream cheese and some raspberries. Now to prepare the chocolate and raspberry cheesecake, the primary step is to preheat the ovenat 350 degrees F. Apply butter to the base and the sides of the pan. Take a bowl and mix fine pieces of chocolate wafers, melted butter and granulated sugar. Now pour this in the base of the pan. In another bowl, mix cream cheese with melted chocolate and granulated sugar. Add to this the raspberry syrup and beat it to make a smooth paste. Eggs are added gradually to the paste and after putting it in the pan, bake the mixture for almost 50 minutes.

After the cake is prepared, cool it at room temperature and top it with a mixture of smoothly beaten sour cream and sugar. The cake must be refrigerated for about 4 hours before it is decorated with cut raspberries to enhance its appearance and the taste. Now, the cake is ready to be eaten. It also goes well with chocolate soufflé. The chocolate and raspberry flavor is mouth watering.

It is one of the easiest of the cake recipes that can be used as a desert during parties. The guests will surely like it tremendously.


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