Cancer Ribbon Clip Art

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The main logo of this awareness is Pink ribbon. This Pink Ribbon symbolizes hope courage, strength and love for those who suffer in Breast Cancer. We all may have heard our friends got breast cancer from far. We could not understand the pain and suffering of the person who got breast cancer. Many of the patients of breast cancer could not get the necessary fund to treat this cancer. There is different origination around the world who takes initiative to promote awareness though different steps. They do this to raise funds to find a cure or support someone by providing medicine or treatment. In October, all month long you will see many people, organization, center, club; group, Company sells different items and products to raise as much money they can. Their goal is not to make any profit but raise fund and spread the awareness of breast cancer.

Because pink color is used to symbolize the cause, the month of October is also known as Pinktober. There is no common solution or treatment of breast cancer. Through this fund raising researchers are researching various drugs or methods to cure the cancer.

There different ways to raise fund for breast cancer. Some people or organization could hold a seminar and ask people to donate, some may create a different item that’s represents the cause and sell them or may be they create some posters and logos to sell or distribute free among people and places. Christmas cards, holiday gifts, greetings cards, T-shirt and other pink ribbon products are found in nowadays market place. There are different toys and ornaments that are sold to for this purpose. These products are sold through internet too. Digital Christmas card, holiday gift ideas, greetings card ideas, picture, clip art and logos etc. are the well known object in the net world. Most commonly use ideas for this awareness through out internet is cancer ribbon clip art. This clip art or image is used free on different newsletter, school projects, scrapbook projects, letterhead, envelope computer clipart, tattoos flyers or any type of fundraising. Some online site also designs different clip arts to sell and generate money.

Researchers found that one in every nine women are having breast cancer in their life span. Because everybody’s now days usage of internet, buying, selling distributing pink ribbon clip art on different online sales helps more money to generate for the cause. Every body should help these suffering women online or offline – any way they can.


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