Calories in a Bottle of Wine

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The most delicious wine is the naturally fermented one, as the grapes are fermented with a very small amount of yeast without the addition of any kind of sugar, enzymes, acid or any other kind of nutrient. The yeast added to the crushed grapes will consume all the sugar-based components found on the grape juice and it will convert them into alcohol. The type of yeast used will determine what kind of wine will be produced.

Despite of being amazing and delicious, many drinkers tend to overuse it, and end up with some level of obesity, this is why most people wonder about the calories in a bottle of wine, this is very hard to determine as there are almost 140 different types of wine, all of them varying in flavor, acidity, yeast used, age, color and several other factors.

For instance, 3.5oz of Red Zinfandel has 78 calories, whereas the same amount of Merlot has 83. The calories in a bottle of wine Chardonnay, which is made from chardonnay grapes, also known as the most low maintenance grapes in the whole world is 110 calories, this proves that the type of wine is crucial in order to determine it’s actual calorie content.

A regularly sized apple has about 47 calories with skin and 40 calories when peeled. A single glass of Chardonnay is equivalent to 2.34 apples, and you usually have from five to six glasses of wine per every bottle, if you drink the whole bottle it’s the same as eating 14 apples!! So, next time you’re depressed or way too happy, instead of drinking until you pass out, you should remember that every single bottle is similar to eating fourteen apples, don’t you dare to think “It’s just water isn’t?” Cause, well, it’s not only water, it will make you gain a few pounds if you don’t handle it well.

Now, if you don’t really know how many are the calories in a bottle of wine, then you can always check the nutrition facts of the bottle, which is a small table with information about it’s content, glasses per bottle, carbohidatres, fats, and calories as well, if your bottle doesn’t have nutrition facts, then just Google it up, it’s the age of information, you will find it someplace.


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