Calories in Filet Mignon

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Most food have alternative healthy food which one can take but up to know there in no healthy food available to replace the filet au mignon.

Filet au mignon is normally eaten with potatoes, and can be cooked by olive oil, or according to ones tastes he may use butter. And broccoli onions can be added as ingredients. The widely known menu is beef and broccoli or eating sautéed and mushrooms.

The calories in filet au mignon is of concern for many people but this may not be a reason to refuse to eat it because it is easy to burn its calories.

If you like to eat filet au mignon at the same time fearing its calories you may burn those calories by walking for a relative long distance which may take you at least an hour. By bicycling for sometime. People who like jogging also should not fear because jogging burns these calories

The calories in filet au mignon with at weighing at least an ounce has are more than 52. Uncooked mignon have different calories than the cooked one. And the filet au mignon have different calories according to how they have been prepared

If it is cooked by overheating it or if it is cooked by grilling all contribute to the calories which will be available in eaten filet au mignon. The calories in filet au mignon and how different it reduces according to the way it has been cooked can be gotten from different website or cooking books.

Filet au mignon can be prepared in different ways. For example filet au mignon au poivre is prepared by putting the black pepper on both side of the hand. Cook the steak on both side of in medium heated oil the time that the steak will pass on the heat depends on how you like you steak, if you like it well cooked or half cooked. Put the steaks on a plate and add the wine to taste. Cook the steak until the water evaporates at least to a half. Add all the ingredients without butter. And cook at least for around four minutes, afterwards add the butter and mix well. And serve while it is still hot and the best dish you can eat it with is chips.


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